401037 Legal And Ethical Issues In Midwifery


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Answer to Question: 401037 Legal And Ethical Issues In Midwifery

Personal Attributes

I possess excellent communication skills. I have been able manage difficult clients through my negotiation and communication skills.

Kourkouta, Papathanasiou (2014) say that effective communication between nurses (and patients) is critical for achieving positive results and reducing medical error.

I am hardworking and have shown loyalty to the work and my responsibilities.

Another positive aspect is my curiosity to learn new things. It reflects my adaptability to different roles.

Academic Achievements

I received my degree in 2014.

I graduated in 2014 after completing a course in Completed Nursing Foundation Studies in 2015. I am now pursuing the bachelor of nursing.

Career Achievements

One of my most notable achievements is the 9-month stint I spent at an aged care home in Villa wood.

This experience has helped me understand the demands and standards of geriatric healthcare.

Through working for eight months as an educator with Aus kids, I have gained valuable experience in understanding the developmental needs children.

Strategies to comply with the NMBA guideline

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia NMBA, Australian nurses must follow developed codes of conduct and standards of professional practice.

This ensures that nurses can work according to their expectations and avoids any ethical or practical issues.

It is planned to read all the guidelines to get a better understanding of the NMBA standards and to get advice from my mentor on how to use them in daily practice.Curriculum VitaePersonal Details

Academic History

I was a regular student in years 11 and 12. I completed a senior secondary education certificate and earned my graduation degree at Auburn Girls High School.

During school I applied for a diploma course at Granville, TAFE in beauty and facial skincare.

I began my course in the spring of 2014. I completed the course on the 29th September 2014.

I was able to enroll in a course on nursing fundamentals in Nirimba campus at Western Sydney College. It lasted for 8 months.

This course covered the following topics: academic English, mathematical for health sciences, computer literacy, and health communication.

In 2016, I was admitted to the Bachelor of Nursing program at Western Sydney University’s Cambeltown campus. I am currently continuing that course.

Employment History


Australian Kids Family Day care

Date of joining the union: 22 February 2016.

Address: 190 Waterloo Rd. Chester Hill

Mina Alchalabi is Mina’s manager

Contact number: 412225555Mail id ; minalchalabi@hotmail.com

Job 2Company name : Kin Care

Job Role. Provide support and care to the elderly and help them with shopping, housekeeping, personal care.

Bella Via NSWManger Name :Tim Lurane

Phone number: 028995004Mail id : mail@kincare.com.auReferees:


I love to read and explore new cultures.

I love to use electronic devices and do volunteer work for society.3.

Continuing Professional development (CPD).

These short courses are not available anymore

I have successfully completed the level 3 certificate in aged care in 2016.

Check out the 2018 course on working with children

Course of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation (CPR), 2017

Certificate in first aid (2018)

Certificate in Anaphylaxis 2017

Current CPD requirements:

I am currently in need of CPD in the areas leadership, professional practices skills and principles critical care nursing.

I am looking to improve my leadership skills in order to increase my future career opportunities and to seize the chance to be a leader and guide junior nurse in the provision of high quality care.

Additionally, I need to be proficient in critical care for the ability to make sound decisions when dealing with complex cases.

The best strategy to complete the CPD is to contact my referee and find the best organization that can offer the best leadership development opportunities.

Participating in an online course will give you more information about principles of critical-care nursing.Plan For Future Courses

Currently, I am pursuing the bachelor of Nursing course. In the future I intend to complete the full-time master degree in Nursing at Western Sydney University’s main campus. The course is 1.5 years long.

I plan to do the online postgraduate course on critical care nursing. It lasts one year.

The course consists of four units. It is recommended that you choose one unit in order to complete the course.

As I love challenges, I’m going to pick the unit for emergency nursing.


I was able to attend a workshop that dealt with nursing practice. This was a professional course.

Practical experience was gained in the field of nursing care. I was able to apply that knowledge to my own care.

I have learned a lot about how to properly care for my hands, the signs of various diseases, bed hygiene, how to communicate with patients and clear dead bodies. Also, how to administer medications.

I have learned about intravascular and subcutaneous injections.

Reflection of an Incident at the Aged Care Homes

This section is dedicated to a specific incident that I witnessed in an Aged care facility.

Gibb’s reflective structure has been used for reflection. This involves starting with a description of the incident and then evaluating the events to plan future actions (Husebo O’Regan & Nestel, 2015).

After receiving my diploma in beauty & skin care in 2014 I was offered my first job on 22 February 2016.

This was my first job so I was thrilled about it.

I was already a nurse and I decided to work in an aged care facility.

I chose to join aged care because my previous experience with elderly people will be helpful in caring for patients.

It was a fairly normal day. My colleagues introduced me to each other and showed me all the wards.

I joined because I wanted to help older people with daily activities, such as helping with personal care or transport.

I was able to help them shop.

It was great to be able to connect with so many people in this aged care.

I enjoyed talking with them and trying to make them feel comfortable to share their problems.

They also loved talking with me.

I suddenly found one elderly lady lying on the ground, crying in a loud voice.

I tried to help her stand but failed.

I finally managed to raise her with the help and assistance of other people.

She was experiencing severe pain in her ankle. It was also very warm in the area and it was swelling.

I provided her with primary care and tried communication with her.

Through communication, I found out that she had tried to go outside. She then fell and broke her leg.

I encouraged her to stay put and kept trying to motivate, because she seemed to have lost all hope.

She had lost her husband two-years ago, and her child had taken her to the aged care center.

I was devastated for her, but I tried to keep my anger in check.

The experience at the age center had inspired me to go into the health sector. I chose to become a registered nurses and then to take the one-year online course in emergency nurse.

The day I spent in the aged care led me to emergency nursing. This will allow me to be able handle any mishaps with my knowledge in the future.References:Husebo, S. E., O’Regan, S., & Nestel, D. (2015).

Reflective practice and its role as a simulation tool.

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Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (2018).

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