96337 Foundations Of The Australian Healthcare System


This assignment is about measuring hip and knee osteoarthritis outcomes.

Answer to Question: 96337 Foundations Of The Australian Healthcare System

Hip and knee arthritis causes pain and swelling at the joints, for example the hip and knee.

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96337 Foundations Of The Australian Healthcare System
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The inflammation of the joints, as well as injury caused by the destruction of cartilage tissue, can lead to osteoarthritis.

However, the ICHOM Standard Set aids both doctors and patients to overcome osteoarthritis in the hip and knee.

The stage of osteoarthritis development is one of the most important factors that will determine its outcome.

The stages of osteoarthritis are a chronic condition. It is therefore important to identify the stages.

The ICHOM Standard Set consists a group medical professionals that assist patients in measuring the outcome of their problems.

Thus, patients experience a change in their lifestyle.

The doctor must provide support for the patient in both non-surgical and surgical treatment.

Patients suffering from this disease experience pain in the joint due to bone growth at the edges of their joints.

Osteoarthritis affects the cartilages most severely and causes inflammation in the tissues surrounding the joints.

It is up to the doctors to convince the patients that they are willing to receive the treatment.

The treatment involves intra articular injections and non-steroid antiinflammatory drugs.

Some patients might not be able or able to continue with the treatment.

The ICHOM Standard Set allows these patients to continue with their long-term treatment.

They make recommendations for patients to monitor their pain with a numeric scale.

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