B700 Adult Nursing


This week, we will be tasked with gathering all financial and budgeting data in one place to create the APEX Comprehensive Financial Report.

This budget is typical in public sector budgeting.

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B700 Adult Nursing
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Review this document and share the following three insights you gained from it.

Do you consider this a healthy agency? If so, what are the fiscal limitations? And how do you predict the agency’s future health?

Answer to Question: B700 Adult Nursing


Apex Clearing Corporation’s 2015 financial report describes the company’s dynamism and business endurance.

The 2015 data is included in the report, which was based upon an audited financial account.

The majority of business corporations are well-advised to carry out financial audits.

It provides information about their financial position and a clear view of how they are performing in relation to the market.

Financial stability and sustainability determine the performance of the business.

A closer look at the company’s assets value and total liabilities reveals a larger picture (Apex Clearing Corporation – 2015).

Apex, as per their financial report, December 31, 2015, recorded a total financial asset value of $3180120,190. This includes all asset aspects including cash equivalents, securities borrowed, and other assets.

However, one thing is notable about the performance of Apex in the financial year 2015. They also recorded their exact financial liabilities as those of their assets, which is $3180,120,000.

This clearly shows there was no improvement in business progress and no loss.

Three unique factors can be derived from this analysis regarding the financial health of Apex.

Budgeting starts with the financial balance.

This increases security, so there is no risk of unexpected losses.

Apex maintained a balanced asset/liability ratio, but it cannot guarantee any kind of growth.

And if the firm’s ultimate goal is to achieve greater financial performance, such postings could be very harmful in slowing down the firm’s growth.

Apex for instance has a greater payout ratio to customers, at $2566,082,280, than what customers have to pay.

Due to the consistent imbalance, the company must strain its other asset resources in order to cover any areas with poor performance which could cause negative financial outcomes.

A balanced portfolio of higher assets will increase the company’s competency.

The second lesson is that liabilities can have a negative impact on a company’s performance. Therefore, it is important to work hard to reduce liabilities.

It is common knowledge that the majority of large corporations rely on borrowings from outside and financial support provided by shareholders.

Excessive borrowing can be fatal to a company’s performance.

The last, and most valuable lesson that the report teaches is how to maximize your strengths rather than minimize them (Ommani (2011)).

This report highlights the Apex’s balance financial state, which signals its resilience and at the same times, exposes the company’s inability to use its strengths.

In order to increase their financial profit, they should have made more of the cash that is segregated under federal regulations if the company generated the most wealth.

They are an excellent agency and could help the company to grow.

This is because there is clearly a halt in the company’s growth in terms of financial growth. The company must take the right actions to fix the problem and get to the good side.

The company should do more in their financial policies and procedures in order to get out of the balanced asset-liability mess.

Tax regulations in the US are the country’s greatest fiscal handicap.

Higher taxes are a hindrance to the company’s growth and can also impact their financial plans (Insights 2011).

The company’s fiscal policy in relation to taxes is a more difficult challenge.

The reason is that the company’s ability to grow depends on its fiscal policy. A company with higher taxes due could lose its market share.

If the whole list of issues is addressed and sustained, this agency could be a huge asset for the company.

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