B700 Nursing And Midwifery Council


Who will gain and who will be adversely affected?

Discuss the possible effect of APN roles.

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B700 Nursing And Midwifery Council
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Summarize your results from the CBA and draw any conclusions related to intervention.

Discuss the CBA’s results and make recommendations for research and practice.

Conclusions, future effect, discussion, and practice and recommendations should all be included.

If no improvements are made, make a recommendation on outcomes/trends.

What is your project cost?

Answer to Question: B700 Nursing And Midwifery Council

There is much debate about health care. Around the world, the system is losing patients as a result of errors, accidents and negligence in hospitals.

It is estimated that 500 patients are lost every day. This does not include the millions of patients suffering as a result of procedures that were not necessary in the first instance.

This has resulted in a lot of frustration and urgency in people who are unable to wait for change in all these procedures. (Alexander 2016, 2016).

The population most affected by the problem is the older age population, as well as women in childbirth and children.

The following are some reasons.

Overuse of care when it isn’t necessary can result in a wasteful use of resources and funds. Eg.

Early deliveries lead to health problems.

There are many ways to prevent harm from happening during a patient’s stay at a hospital/clinic.

According to statistics, one in four patients experiences the same.

It is not uncommon for large sums of money to be wasted, instead of being used in infrastructure development and improving healthcare quality.

Belton, 2017. There is insufficient transparency within the system to help the end user find the best remedy or lifesaving medical care.

Long-term impacts include the possibility of losing lives and money if the issues are not resolved quickly.

Analysis Of Project Recommendation

Another problem that is affecting the healthcare industry and patients is the shortage of funds. Because of this, patients are losing their money and the hospitals/clinics face losses as a result of lack of collaboration (Das, 2017).

Annual Expenses on a New Service Line Personnel Costs




Geriatric Psychiatrist75%$150,000Nurse Practitioner25%$50,000

Other staff$20,000 Total positions cost$220,000

Total benefits cost %$0A. Total Personnel Cost$220,000 Non-Personnel Expenses(i.e. supplies, equipment, printing, etc). $2,500,000

Reimbursement for other special fees or charges to doctors$500,000B. Total Non-Personnel Cost $3,000,000

Administration Costs (not greater than 15%) $450,000

C. Total Administration Charge $450,000


Total Revenues (3.980 encounters @ $ 1.500$5,970,000

Profit for one year$2,300,000

To determine the revenue and cost for the hospital/ clinic that provides health care, the above analysis has been performed.

It was assumed that hospitals would earn 20% in net profits. The majority of these costs are incurred by staff (nurses, doctor’s fees, and practitioners).

You can also find non-personalized expenses such as bed care, infrastructure investment, medicines, apparatus printing, supplies, etc. (Heminway 2017).

It is clear that the primary concern or issue is the improper apportionment, as well as the lack of care for nursing care and infrastructural necessities.

Technology advancements are essential to reduce the cost of long-term care as well as improve the quality of medication and health care.

Another problem is that many medical students choose to go into the safety-oriented, value-based healthcare profession.


It is clear that the quality of health care services are less important than their value.

The population that cannot pay the high costs of accessing the best health care is the most adverse unit.

This will require the involvement of the national health ministry as well the authorities responsible for approving doctors and institutions.

These are just a few of the other recommendations:

They must tighten the certification requirements for doctors.

They will need to place a stack and the highest bar on the type of treatment that is offered and the amount charged against it (Trieu 2017, 2017).

To ensure that nurses are future leaders and can replace doctors with intensive health care, it is necessary to put more emphasis on nursing.

There should be no infrastructural deficiencies.

It is necessary to increase the number of care bed as required.

Further, the clinics and health units must reach villages and areas that aren’t accessible. Otherwise, people lose access to quality and timely care.

Collaboration to improve among the different health care units (Jefferson 2017).

It is necessary to use technological advancements in order to lower per head costs and increase the rate for remedy.

These are just some of the many recommendations that could improve the health care industry, which is already making a difference.

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