B748 Nursing


Write your personal statement on mental and child health nursing.

Answer to Question: B748 Nursing

Nursing is a caring profession. This includes incorporating values of human dignity and autonomy as well as social justice and integrity in practice.

After caring for my grandmother with dementia, my interest in becoming a professional nurse and learning about mental and child health nursing was sparked by her care.

I was often able to see her in a confused state. She couldn’t remember the last few minutes or if she had eaten her lunch.

This phase of my life taught that I could calm people down and provide comfort to them when they were in trouble.

Being a caregiver gave me happiness, as well as a sense satisfaction.

I gradually decided to become an RN.

After watching my grandmother’s struggles with mental illness and her daily living, the urge to study child nursing and mental health nursing was strong.

Nursing would be a fulfilling career for me because of my personal values, empathy, and patience.

After looking into the scope of mental nursing, it became apparent that this job is highly in demand due to the prevalence of mental disorders in UK.

This is why I decided to go into mental health nursing. It would enable me to help people with mental disorders and improve their quality of living.

I am interested in child psychology as well as the challenges that child nurses face.

It excites me to learn new and difficult things.

After completing my mental healthcare nursing education, I want to further my skills and also study child nursing.

It is also a benefit to me that my personal values align with those of nursing values. This will help me overcome the difficulties in the profession.Reference:Iacobucci, Trisha A., et al.

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