BSBREL401 Establish Networks


M2M Solutions is looking for a Solutions architect to lead a team of system administrators.

M2M Solutions, which is a medium-sized business, is currently expanding.

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BSBREL401 Establish Networks
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The company purchased six sites in Sydney for its various departments.

For the networks to work, it should be spread across six buildings. Each building must have a router.

It is assumed that each building has its own subnet.

Finance Office – 130 workstations

Transport Office – 135 stations

Research Office – 228 workstations

Sales Office – 50 Workstations

Information technology – 622 workstations

Head Office: 60 workstations

Task – Current company policy forbids network analysers to be used on an organisational network.

Recent team meetings have shown that all members of staff agree that the use network analyzers can improve efficiency when troubleshooting.

Manager asked you if protocol analyser is possible.

To explain the difference or similarity between network protocol analyser and network to an IT-savy manager, you must be clear.

For the board, prepare a 800 word (+/- 10 percent report proposing to allow network analyser use for diagnostic purposes in the new proposed network architecture.

Your report should contain:

Brief explanation of protocol within the context of communication networks, and the role played by network analysts.

This explanation should include an example of a scenario where network analysers can be employed in Task 1.

An analysis of network analyzers currently available.

The analysis should contain the following:

Benefits, associated costs, usability

Make a recommendation as to which tool you prefer to use, and why.

Answer to Question: BSBREL401 Establish Networks

Protocol Explanation and the Role of Network Analyzers

Protocols are different arrangements of rules that allow media to be transmitted.

We use a protocol whenever we communicate over the internet or within our company network. (Al-Fuqaha & Guizani 2015.

Protocols facilitate collaboration among the elements communicating.

Because there are multiple ways computers can communicate, there are many protocols. These include PPP (HTTP/IP), TCP/IP, FTP, and FTP.

A network analyzer may also be known as a packet analyzer or protocol analyzer.

To improve the protection of a network against malicious activity, a network analyzer harmonizes hardware, programs, and even standalone hardware gadgets.

But, network analyzers are not intended to replace anti-spyware, firewalls, antivirus software or firewalls.

Network analyzers have become more important in the past few decades.

The understanding has slowly disappeared as networks have become increasingly sophisticated and complex.

This could be due to the increased use of network analyzer tools, and the belief that a network can heal itself.

They are not able to heal themselves.

Every network must have a network analyzer program.

Let’s take as an example a doctor and a network administrator.

Both are highly knowledgeable.

Both are highly knowledgeable. The doctor has the responsibility of saving lives, while the network administrator is responsible for keeping the network safe and saving people from unnecessary problems.

A doctor doesn’t simply examine you at a distance to determine if you have a certain illness.

They will instead need to do a series of tests to find out more and make an informed, correct, and accurate decision based only on the results.

This is similar in nature to the situation of an engineer or network administrator trying find out what is wrong.

It may suddenly stop pinging to other workstations.

The network engineer must not guess what is wrong or attempt to fix the problem.

They have to determine what the problem is and the root cause before they can come up a solution.

Doctors who are dedicated to keeping your body healthy and well will often use several tools in their arsenal, such as EKGs, Xrays, and other diagnostics.

He will always respond to any abnormalities as soon as they are discovered.

A network traffic analyzer can help you manage your network traffic.

It would make monitoring a network easier, faster, and more efficient.

By using a network monitor that continuously monitors your network, changes can be identified much earlier than major problems.

This will avoid costly, time-consuming and expensive resources which can be detrimental to the organization’s bottom line.(B).

Analysis of currently available network analyzer tools.

Today, there are many network analysis tools on the marketplace.

Among those that are worth your time are Wireshark Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool NAST, Zenmap, Angry IP Scanner, JDSU Network Analyzer Fast Ethernet, and Zenmap.

Wireshark has been deemed the most powerful in IT and is the de facto standard (Sanders, 2017).

Wireshark is available in both a free and paid versions.

This tool includes important features such offline analysis, live recording, and multiplatform compatibility (can be used on Windows, Linux Solaris OS X, NetBSD, Solaris OS X, OS X, OS X, Solaris OS X, and several other operating system platforms).

It’s very user-friendly as all the network data can be viewed through a graphical interface.

You can also do rich VoIP analysis.

NAST is a network analyzer that you must have.

It can capture network traffic.

It allows you to access a LAN hosts directory, look for internet gateways, manage arp answers to be able discover possible arp spoofing, create log reports, and discover promiscuous connections.

Zenmap can monitor the uptime of hosts and manage network upgrades.

It also includes features such as version detection, port scanning or OS detection.

All of these network analyzers tools can be applied to a network without spending any money.

Without requiring any special knowledge or a specific network need, you can use any of the aforementioned tools to quickly gather information and address major network problems.Recommendation.

Wireshark will be the last tool we use after we’ve explained all the reasons and benefits of network analyzers in our network.

Wireshark can be recommended by network engineers who are experienced. This award-winning program is highly recommended.

Wireshark, a GUI-based opensource packet analyzer, is undoubtedly the best.

It has been around for more then two decades.

Its last stable version was released on October 10, 2017, (Ndatinya Xiao Manepalli Meng & Xiao, 2015).

This is why we must change our organizational policies and allow network analyzers in all of our networks.References:Al-Fuqaha, A., Guizani, M. (2015).

Internet of things: Survey on enabling technologies.

IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 17, pp. 2347-2376.Ndatinya, V., Xiao, Z., Manepalli, V. R., Meng, K., & Xiao, Y. (2015).

Wireshark allows network forensics analysis.

International Journal of Security and Networks 10, 2: 91–106Nelson, R. (2017).

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Practical packet analysis. Wireshark used to solve real network problems.

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