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  • N4325 Nursing Research Syllabus

    Answer: Patient-Centered Care Patient-centered care has been defined as providing care that is respectful of as well as responsive to the preference of an individual including their values and needs. This also ensures that the values of the patients guide all the clinical decisions. Moreover, a person-centered approach requires a true partnership between the healthcare […]

  • NR 707 DNP Project And Practicum III

    Answer: Week 1: Project Management Processes To Implement DNP Project This week, the discussion was about data management and the DNP project. The essential element of the course has been the execution phase of my Doctor of Nursing Practice projects focusing on data collection analysis and evaluation (Ribeiro et al., 2019). Having a primary outcome […]

  • NUR344 Nursing Practice 4

    Answer: Your topic attracted my interest very much. Before this discussion board, I had never read anything about how kidney disease has affected Indigenous Australians. After going through your infographic, I did further research on the topic. Based on my research, it became clear that Indigenous Australians always present a huge burden for most illnesses, […]

  • CCA206 Care Of Children And Adolescents

    Answers: Introduction A registered nurse is an essential member of any healthcare team (Islam et al., 2019). Young children are continually fragile and easily afflicted by a variety of illnesses. As a consequence, nursing professionals must correctly assess various types of problems and, based on that, provide patients with the right form of therapy (Lip […]

  • NAD017-3 Leading Complex Care In Adult Nursing

    Answer: Introduction Nurses possess the responsibility of making accurate clinical decisions after having recognized potential problems, observing changes in concerned patients and identification of immediate remedies for eradicating issues (Tinetti et al. 2019). Professional nurses invariably depend on acquiring evidence and knowledge for deciding on complications in patients, calling for modifications in care providers or […]

  • NUR302 Leadership In Clinical Practice

    Answers: Introduction Nursing leadership is one of indisputably the main factors in prodding and moving chaperons (who make up the unquestionable bigger piece of the clinical consideration force) to practice at the most elevated place of their licensure. The ANA Leadership Institute portrays an orderly boss as “an excited about prevailing in a “an attendant […]

  • NRS430V Professional Dynamics

    Answers Question-1 The nursing practice have been evolved significantly over the years and the evolution made the nurses more competent or skillful and responsible and empowered them to practice more freely. The nurses have been practicing in hospital settings traditionally, however in current health care settings the importance of nurses and their practice changed largely. […]

  • NUR3201 Quality, Safety And Risk

    Answers: Introduction The case is of a young six-year-old boy who passed away due to the complication of melioidosis. He was noted to be a healthy and happy child. However, as the melioidosis propagated, the boy’s condition deteriorated, leading to death. Melioidosis is a well-known complication that is caused due to bacterial infection (Zakharova et […]

  • NURS1042 Foundations Of Mental Health Nursing Partnerships

    Answer:  Introduction The professional responsibility can be applied to the nursing profession and it is indicative of ethical obligations which are imperative for the nurses. The standards can be said to be related to the patient care, morals, responsibility, Integrity And Collaboration taking place with the other kinds of medical professionals (Dall’Ora et al., 2020). […]

  • NURS438 Trends And Issues In Nursing And Health Systems

    Answers: Initial Post Cultural Competency In Nursing Care The main aim of this post is to talk about the importance of cultural competency in nursing care. Apart from that, the paper will also talk about the roles and responsibilities that nurses should implement to create culturally competent health care. Papadopoulos et al., (2016) has claimed […]