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  • NURS08059 Resilience In Healthcare

    Answers:  Introduction Resilience is considered to be the ability to bounce back from negative experiences as well as challenges. It should be noted that confidence is considered to be one of the most essential components of resilience since it is only through confidence that individuals will be able to see failures and challenges as opportunities […]

  • NURS2001 Essentials Of Surgical Nursing

    Answer: Question 1 The Roper-Logan-Tierney Model can be defined as a nursing theory that is based on the activities of daily living of the patients. The aim of the model is to assess the impact of an accident or illness of the patient on his or her life so that effective planning for appropriate provision […]

  • HLTENN035 Practice Nursing Within The Australian Health System

    Answers Task Overview: You are required to answer each question. Q1.a) Provide a brief history of how the Australian health care system developed. b) Give an example of tertiary health service. a) On February 1, 1984, the introduction of highly controversial Medicare system was done in Australia. It established the basic health care for all […]

  • CNA742 Foundations Of Mental Health Nursing Practice

    Answers: This paper is emphasizing more on the discharge planning report to the community mental health team who will be responsible in ensuring that patient is taken care of. Report will be about forensic mental health patient who will be released from the custody to community. The patients’ name is Mr. X who has been […]

  • HLTENN002 Apply Communication Skills In Nursing Practice

    Answers: 1. Barrier 1: Expectation of Mr. Samson that his wife would come soon with a newspaper for him and that’s why he is not able to concentrate somewhere else and thus it is leading him towards a barrier of effective communication. Improvement: Mr. Samson could have some patience for a while as her wife […]

  • NURBN2000 Transition Into Nursing Studies

    Answers: Description As part of my Bachelor of Nursing degree, I undertook a client interview that helped me to analyse my ability of using the therapeutic communication skills at the time of interacting with the patients. The patient, Mr Kevin Jones, had been admitted to the health care unit with ride-side paralysis. He had past […]

  • 722.673 Nursing With An Inpatient Focus

    Answer: Introduction  Patient is of 53 years old with a injured right knee while playing Rugby (Whittaker et al.,2019). He is supposed to undergo for a knee surgery.  He face problems to walk, doing simple tasks and also lifting things up.  He is under anti- inflammatory medication.  On pre- operative diagnosis, he is diagnosed with […]

  • TUM202 Therapeutic Use Of Medicines

    Answers: Introduction David is an Aboriginal male, who has been admitted to the hospital due to H.pylori infection. He has developed acute abdominal pain, which requires urgent attention. To manage his pain, he takes ibuprofen and paracetamol. However, he was taking these drugs in his home regularly, without any medical supervision. However, after admission to […]

  • HNN120 Safety And Quality In Health Care

    Answers:  Florence Nightingale: Pioneer Of Modern Nursing Florence Nightingale esteemed as the creator of modern nursing was born on 12 May 1820 in Florence, Italy. She was a statistician (inventor of a special pie chart), a humanitarian, scientific figure, and a social reformer. Florence learned multiple disciplines including religion, philosophy, language, and mathematics from her […]

  • NURBN3032 Nursing Context 9 Transitioning To Nursing Practice

    Answers: Cover Letter Date: 27.03.2022 Contact details: (823) 9823 1234 Dear Employer, The Royal Melbourne Hospital City Campus Melbourne. RE: Registered Nurse I am highly pleased to extend a cover letter for the application which I made in the post of a Registered Nurse in your organisation, that I have found from Indeed Australia. I […]