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  • NRSG372 Principles Of Nursing: Chronic Illness And Disability

    Answers: Case Summary & Modifiable Risk Factor Liam is a fifty-five-year-old man who is a bricklayer by profession. At the age of 19, he immigrated to Australia. He is now living with his wife Lorna and has three daughters, who are not living with them. Liam has been diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease also known […]

  • IEPN 123 Introduction To Nursing In Ontario

    Answer: This paper will critically reflect on my two goals: the importance of incorporating teamwork in nursing and dealing with culturally sensitive care in nursing. Goal 1: Teamwork In Nursing My goal here was to improve my skills in teamwork by perfecting my interpersonal skills and appreciating the role of other professionals when delivering efficient […]

  • CNA562 Foundations Of Renal Nursing

    Answer Chronic Kidney Disease Introduction It is generally accepted that chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major public health issue. More than 4.902 million people worldwide are projected to have end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) and require renal replacement treatment, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Chronic kidney disease occurs when your kidneys are damaged […]

  • NPR2067 Constructing And Developing My Nursing Identity

    Answers: Introduction To Approach From the case study of Sanjay, it can be reported that the patient is a 43 year old male who has a mild level of ischemic stroke and initially he has attended an interview sessions with me and my practice supervisors. During the first session he mentioned that he wanted to […]

  • NUR 515 Advanced Clinical In Primary Care Nursing

    Answer: Background And Overview Study Citation Y?lmaz, K., & ?en, V. (2020). Is vitamin D deficiency a risk factor for COVID?19 in children?. Pediatric pulmonology, 55(12), 3595-3601. Purpose/Background Coronavirus is a disease that started in 2019 and has serious complications among people all over the world. Study Objectives To assess the prevalence as well as […]

  • NS3363 Mental Health For Nursing And Midwifery

    Answer Personal Reflection Part 1: Role Of Mental Health Nurse The mental well-being of an individual impacts their overall well-being, health outcomes, their recovery and quality of life (Bonnin et al., 2019). Therefore, it becomes crucial for a mental health nurse to not only provide systematic care but also to ensure comprehensive support.  As a […]

  • HNO6008 Mental Health Nursing

    Answer Alcohol Use Disorder Introduction Alcohol use disorder, one of the furthermost common disorders in most of the parts of the world (Kranzler & Soyka, 2018). Although, the cause of such disorder is still not clear enough, however, there are several factors that might contribute for its development in an individual. These factors might include […]

  • CNA346 Transition To Professional Practice

    Answer: Introduction Transition is a crucial factor in deciding the fate of nursing and care delivery at large. It is the process of moving into professional role form Academics Or Theoretical Curriculums (Barclay, 2017). In transition, there is marked role of responsibilities, roles, and goals, and the leap form one state to the other. Theoretically, […]

  • NURS 3025 Nursing Research

    Answer: Demographic Data Patient Name: Mrs. John Age: 53 Gender at Birth: Female Gender Identity: Female Subjective Chief Complaint- Gain in weight, disturbed sleep, muscle weakness and fatigue. History of Present Illness (HPI)-The patient has seen a decrease in energy level along with a gain in weight. The patient has not been able to sleep […]

  • COUN3211 Contemporary Counselling Orientations And Research

    Answer: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Vs Acceptance And Commitment Therapy Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DTB) is an inclusive and evidence-based treatment commonly used on Borderline Personality Behavior (BPD). The most significant patient population with the disorder has the most empirical support. It consists of parasuicidal women with BPD, depressed adult patients, individuals using substances, and individuals experiencing […]