CMP9400B Doctoral Comprehensive Examination-Business


Q 1: Theory

The theory plays a crucial role in the direction of research and in the organization and interpretation of research findings.

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CMP9400B Doctoral Comprehensive Examination-Business
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While theory-building is an important part of your project management area of expertise, there isn’t a universally accepted definition of what a “theory” is.

Because your dissertation should contribute to theory, it is important that you have an understanding of the different theories, types, and ways of contributing theory. Also, you must be able to explain how your study contributes directly to theory.

Part 1

Gelso (2006). Harlow (2009). Stam. H. (2007, 2010, Wacker (1999), as well as five additional peer-reviewed papers from your specialty, you can discuss scholarly perspectives on the nature and types theories.

Compare and contrast at most three views of what constitutes the theory, including your view in Part 3.

It is important to differentiate theory from related concepts such as hypothesis and paradigm, model and concept.

Part 2

Ellis & Levy (2008), Harlow E. (2009), as well as five additional peer reviewed articles, will review the scholarly literature regarding the relationship between theory & research. Also, the way that quantitative and qualitative research can contribute to theory.

At least three ways in which research can be used to support theory should be discussed.

Part 3

Select a theory from one of the views on what constitutes a theoretical view that you identified as Part 1. It should be directly related to your dissertation topic.

A theory is of current interest if at least 10 articles have been published on it within the last five year.

You should use at least 10 peer reviewed research articles.1.

Please explain how the theory contributes to our understanding of your project management topic or research topic.2.

Discuss and analyze literature related to two areas that are controversial or have unanswered queries.

Q2: Practical Application

Your dissertation research needs to contribute to theory.

Your research and any theory that it contributes might have some practical application or benefit.

Your dissertation topic may have a theoretical application, but it is clear.

Part 1

Referring to at most five peer-reviewed journal article or scholarly book, discuss the relationship between theory/application or practice.

How can a theory help or inform practice?

What are the problems involved in translating theory into reality?

Pay attention to the different conceptions of theory that you discussed in Question 1.

Part 2

Referring to at most five peer-reviewed journal article, you can fully describe a theory in your current area of interest.

If at least five articles have been published on the topic in the past five-years, a theory is currently of interest.

This theory might not be the same one as the one that you reviewed in Question 1 Part 3.

You should describe the current view of the theory. Not the founder’s view.

Your answer should not exceed 3 pages.

Part 3

Identify at least five scholarly articles, published in the last five years, that explain how the theory you have discussed in Part 2.

(Refer to Part 1 to determine what you mean with an application of a theory in a specific situation or problem.

Critically evaluate the use of the theory.

Consider, for instance: Are the applications based on a thorough understanding of the theory?

Does the theory claim that the applications go beyond what is claimed?

Is the reasoning that links theory and applications sound?

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