CNA410 Exploring Nursing Practice


Patients need nurses to provide health care.

They play a vital role in providing best services.

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CNA410 Exploring Nursing Practice
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They are well-informed and strive to ensure their patients have an enjoyable experience at the health centres.

This report reflects on the diverse roles of a newly graduated registered nurse.

The purpose of this report is to explain the responsibilities and responsibilities for a senior nurse unit manger.

It also discusses the various skills that registered nurses have and provides strategies for long-term career advancement.

It establishes a five-year strategic objective that will increase the quality of service.

Answer to Question: CNA410 Exploring Nursing Practice


The term career refers to the variety of occupations, roles, and designations one person can have in a given lifetime.

It is defined as the amount of work performed over a lifetime.

Each career offers many opportunities for advancement.

A successful career requires that the individual plan and manage his work options.

He must take advantage of all the opportunities available and make the best use possible of the talent and expertise that will assist him in reaching his goals (Bergmo–Prvulovic 2014.

One must combine his individual interests and the opportunities available to meet both personal and professional needs in order to have a successful career (Tams & Arthur, 2010).

Career development refers to the ability to learn, work throughout one’s life, explore new avenues, develop skills and manage your life (Arnold, 1997).

This report is based upon interviews with nurses who have had to share their experiences in nursing.

It also highlights the many skills and attributes that are necessary to make a career as a nurse successful.

A personal five-year plan of development will be presented that will address the different aspects and tactics I would employ to reach the goals.


Nursing is the act of caring for sick and disabled individuals.

Nurses have developed their professional skills over time and have used their knowledge.

Since the dawn of time, nursing was considered integral to the medical profession (Buckley, 2014).

Nurses provide care and support, but also offer emotional and mental support.

Florence Nightingale was the first nurse to practice modern nursing (Selanders, 2015).

The best treatment for individuals is achieved when there is collaboration between medical practitioners, nurses and therapists.

A nurse may have different credentials depending on their education or practice. They can then treat patients.

Career transitions are made easier through the encouragement of exploration and maintenance (Chang Cho & Cheng, 2006).

I am currently a graduate registered nurse working in the company.

I have to prepare a personal and professional development plan for five years that will reflect my goals and how to achieve them.

It will provide guidance on the developmental strategies I should use to build a professional career.

I also interviewed a Senior Nurse Unit Manager (NUM), with over 15 years’ experience to help me gain a full understanding of the nursing practice.

Interview of a senior NUM

1- What made you choose nursing to be your career?

A-I have been fascinated by healthcare and medicine since childhood.

Buckley 2014: Nursing practice impacts the quality of healthcare.

My mother was a nurse. I could see the satisfaction she felt in helping the sick and disabled.

It was her example that inspired me into nursing.

It helped me become a more responsible, committed person.

It gave me great pleasure to be able to face the daily challenges and form a bond with many patients over a long period of time.

2- What was your first name?

How was it to move up to the position of unit manager

A- My career began as a registered nurse.

I was assigned on a rotating basis to various departments such as cardiology, oncology, and mental healthcare.

I was an RN over six years. I also held a management certificate.

I have always wanted to use my degree in order to improve the lives of the patients.

I wanted to help improve the environment. (Donna Novak, 2016).

I was looking to make a shift in my career and take on the new challenges and opportunities.

It was the best kind of advancement I could have hoped for, and was a steppingstone in my career.

Personal aspirations, confidence, and expectations can influence a person’s career.

3- What is the role and responsibilities of unit managers?

A-Nurse unit managers oversee, supervise and evaluate all junior nurses.

To ensure proper care, they must mentor nurses.

They keep track of complicated patient reports (Cziraki und al. 2014).

They also have some administrative duties, such as overseeing budgets for units and keeping track of medical supplies.

What areas need to change in personal and professional contexts?

It is essential to analyze your professional and personal areas of work through self-assessment (Conway McMillan & Becker 2006).

It will help me identify the best strategies to develop my career and to improve the quality nursing I provide (Cleary. 2013).

National Health Workforce taskforce (2009).

My personal growth plan will include two components: personal analysis as well as setting goals for my work.

Personal analysis will help me identify my strengths and areas of weakness.

To improve my career, I need to establish new goals. & Kiger 2015).

Below is a list of my skills and strengths.

Personal Development Program

Strengths and weaknesses

Other areas of development

I have basic skills in working with others as a part of a team.

I am supportive and always meet the needs of doctors and my colleagues.

I have extensive knowledge about my nursing experience.

I can show compassion and empathy to patients with different physical and psychological conditions.

I can communicate with them.

But, I am a fresh graduate with no prior experience.

I sometimes have difficulty with patients who are verbally, physically, or verbally abusive and aggressive.

I need time management and task planning skills.

My knowledge of certain clinical cases is very limited and needs to be expanded.

I need to improve my skills and experience.

I need to develop skills to effectively manage workloads (Cziraki et. al. 2014).

Sometimes departments have a large patient count or are short of staff.

I will be able provide the best healthcare for maximum people if I improve my time management skills.Opportunities


I will need to prove to psychiatrists, senior doctors and managers that my training is sufficient. Once I’ve had some practice with various clinical cases, I’ll be able to say that I’ve been exposed to clinical issues that are of great value to my work quality.

This job role will allow me to work in a chaotic environment and will enable me to live a fulfilled and focused life.

I can also rely on my seniors for guidance and mentoring on complex cases and how to treat each patient based upon their individual problems.

The department will offer me an annual appraisal that will guarantee me feedback (Cleary et. al. 2013).

I have to strike a balance between work and personal obligations (Tams & Arthur 2010, Tams & Arthur).

Set Work Goals

What do you want to learn?

What should you do to realize your goals?

What resources and support do I require?

How can I measure my success?

An in-depth understanding of nursing practices is essential for caring and basic knowledge.

You can complete a Nursing Management Certificate or Master of Applied Management (Nursing).

A proper institute that offers a degree related with different areas of nursing management.

Cziraki and co. 2014).

Get to know my colleagues and build their trust in me.

I will need advice and guidance from senior nurses, nurse units managers, and doctors of the team.

My progress can be measured through a self-evaluation and formal appraisal by seniors and mentors (Chang & Daly 2012).

Participate in all cases that are reported in your department to identify the best training opportunities.

I need to discuss and reach an agreement on the priorities and responsibilities with my immediate senior doctor and registered nurse.

It will assist in the appraisal process by prioritizing goals.

While working with patients, I want to make sure that I have taken all necessary training (Chang Cho & Cheng 2006).

Ross et. al. 2014)

Watching experienced nurse managers and doctors will help you gain more knowledge (Cleary et. al. 2013).

I would need to maintain good relations with seniors and colleagues (Conway McMillan & Becker 2006).

Performance appraisal and mentoring in-house training programs.

Leadership qualities and decision making ability can be improved

Volunteer to help lead various cases so you can gain experience as an administrator and build your credibility.

Direct interaction with and guidance by the nursing manager

Feedback from the team, and the head.

5-Year Strategy for Innovation and Leadership

This career plan is a vision for my future.

It includes a list of clearly laid out strategies that I developed based my strengths, weaknesses, and future career aspirations.

My goal is to be a community servant to the poor and disabled.

This career development plan will last for five years. I’m close to finishing my Master’s in Healthcare Management and will have vast knowledge and experience over the subject.

Adeniran, Bhattacharya and Adeniran 2012 provide guidance in the management of long-term and short-term personal goals.

Short term goals (next 12 months)

Core characteristics are essential to my success as a nurse and in working in the trauma centre.

I need to improve my communication skills.

I will need to be able to communicate with many patients who are suffering from mental distress. Each person has a different problem.

I must be able communicate what they are trying to convey and then act accordingly.

Triplett, et al., stated that I will need to show empathy and concern when patients display anger, aggression, fear, anxiety or depression. 2017).

Provide timely treatment and release to patients.

My professional relationships must be maintained with other nurses.

I would need data to be accurately and timely recorded and correct follow-up provided to my immediate senior.

I will need to be able to complete clinical performance tests on a regular schedule, get help when required, and win the appraisal of my supervising RN (Sonmez & Yildirim 2009.

Medium term goals (2-3 year)

In order to be qualified to manage and lead teams in a challenging environment, you must commit yourself to rigorous learning.

It would require me applying my nursing skills and managerial abilities to handle various critical cases.

This will enable me to avoid making mistakes.

It would also improve my ability to work as a nurse.

I would recognize situations in which clinical management is not possible and seek the advice of the senior.

I would attend new staff orientation programs, and assume responsibility for the tasks that have been assigned to me (Chang & Daly 2012).

Long term goals (beyond the 3 year mark)

Earn 3-5 years experience in patient-care and be promoted to the position of nurse unit manager with the support of senior managers as well as colleagues.

Communicate individual consumer grievances and their mental state with doctors.

The role of nurse managers is well-understood (Hendricks & Cope 2013.

You will be responsible for recruiting new nurses and allocating them to the appropriate units.

Responsibilities include managing your workload and assisting newly recruited staff.

Collaborate with the nurses and doctors to provide better care facilities (Hallin & Danielson 2008.

You may be asked to manage a variety of medical teams.

It will require good interpersonal skills as well as sharing relevant clinical information (Conway McMillan &becker 2006).

I would be responsible in keeping track of the supplies and equipment used by clinical patients and identifying any problems.

I would build relationships between service providers. (Sonmez & Yildirim 2009).


So, the above report can be interpreted to indicate that for professional growth, a plan of action is necessary.

The interview was conducted with a senior nursing unit manager.

These answers will allow me to gain a more detailed understanding of the roles, responsibilities and responsibilities of the profession.

It also lists my personal strengths and weaknesses as well as future aspirations.

It also details the ways I will be able to achieve my goals, and how I measure success.

My career growth and analysis will be supported by my personal objectives and analysis.

A self-assessment will help you to assess your professional practice.

This report also helps me identify the core competencies I need to be a successful nurse.

This developmental plan has helped me achieve a better professional and personal position at work.

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