GOV 1101 Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice


Workplace civility (graded

Complete the Clark Workplace Civility Index available in Course Resources.

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GOV 1101 Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice
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Ethical issues regarding disruptive behavior like bullying, incivility and horizontal/lateral violence.

Urologic Nursing.

When answering the following question, reflect on what you have seen in the video.

Based on the observations you made, which leadership skills would you recommend to fellow Masaya Preceptors in order for him to be accepted into the work-group/team.

Is there any incivility in the situation?

Describe any common themes you found in the article or the video.

Use what you have learned to share how you can improve your index score.

Answer to Question: GOV 1101 Foundations Of Professional Nursing Practice

Nurse Civility – A Reflection Paper

Nurse civility is something that nurses should work on over time.

Therefore, the video can be used to analyze the conversation between Masaya Alicia and show the diversity of cultures within the workplace.

As a nurse-leader, I would use the ability to empower Masaya, and also take part in skill building, and discuss the ethics of the team.

I would empower Masaya in order to help him feel comfortable with his fellow team members.

Also, empowerment is inextricably linked to workplace incivility or supervisor incivility.

Masaya is able to blend into the team with dynamic interactions. Masaya will also be nurtured so that he can fully understand the culture and organizational culture of the healthcare facility.

Masaya does not seem to have been mistreated in any cases of incivility. However, he tells us that people were surprised at his response when he said “Yes sir/madam.” He is able to fix this by having active interactions with colleagues within the organization.

The video and the Civility Index are the most frequent examples. They address the problem of workplace incivility.

Masaya is a Filipino citizen and needs to be able to blend in with American culture.

Masaya culture is also something that the team should appreciate.

The Civility Index has questions that ask for respect and adhere to codes of ethical behavior.

This article discusses the incivility of nurses who work with organizations.

The article also discusses the ways in which these acts can be overcome by empowerment, skill building, and addressing the impaired practitioner (Lachman 2015.

In conclusion, I can improve my score to 93 by adhering and protecting the confidentiality and privacy of information.

Cultural diversity can help me improve my score.References:Lachman, V. D. (2015).

Ethical issues related to disruptive behavior like bullying, incivility and horizontal/lateral violence.

Urologic Nursing 35(1): 39-42.