HLTEN514B Apply Research Within A Contemporary Health Environment


a. Explain the role and responsibilities of healthcare team members in research

b. Identify an area of healthcare where there has been a shift in practice.

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HLTEN514B Apply Research Within A Contemporary Health Environment
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c. Use your healthcare experience to identify areas where research could be beneficial and then discuss these reasons.

Data storage and ethicsQ.9.

What are the storage requirements for researchers’ data?Q.10.

Only ethical approval may be required for human research.

It is important to understand the responsibilities of researchers in obtaining ethics committee approval.Q.11.

Certain issues are raised in the design, conduct, and ethics review of research that involves certain participants.

Here are three examples.Q.13.

Click the link below to find the primary research article.

Write a brief summary about this research.Research design

Method/s of data collectionFindings/results


Any age and any gender

Any religious, cultural, or other issues

Answer to Question: HLTEN514B Apply Research Within A Contemporary Health Environment

Research is a method of gathering information in order to predict, explain and describe phenomena.

Research is essential because doctors can find new ways to treat patients through it.

Research, for example, is what leads to the discovery of new medicines and new methods for providing better health care (Titler (2008)).

Steinwachs & Hughes (2008). Research allows doctors and nurses to adapt to new technologies and improve their skills in treating patients and handling various diseases.

It is important to conduct research in order to provide quality care to our patients.

Part A

To make research effective, you need to have a team.

The role of team members is crucial for the research process. They are given different roles to ensure that all areas of the research process are covered.

There are four main groups that must be involved in research to make it effective: facilitator/mentor, team leaders and staff nurses participants. Each member of a team has equal responsibilities.

Australia’s healthcare system has been at the forefront of urgent issues that need more attention.

Much research has been conducted to improve the health care system.

Telehealth has been a great help.

The patient can now communicate easily online with their healthcare providers, right from consultations to treatment.

This technology has greatly benefited those who live in remote or rural areas.

Medical research is done because it is essential to improve current health care. It provides new knowledge and skills that will lead to better healthcare outcomes.

It is vital to conduct health research in order to discover new treatments, or alternative therapies.

(Curtis, & Drennan, JA 2013) Research can improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as cancer, hypertension, or blood pressure. They can also improve their overall health by adopting a positive mindset, taking their medication, and living a healthy life.

Research shows that patients with chronic diseases can get better, more effective treatment and medication. (Dickson & Tholl).

New technology has made it possible to reduce the death rate for cancer patients, as well as the other treatments.

It was through research that technology was able to be improved on the treatment of all stages of cancer. This includes screening patients in the early stages and main treatment for those who are diagnosed (McCormack 2017.

Research shows that patients recover faster in institutions that conduct research than hospitals that do not.

Research is essential for improving the delivery of healthcare services in a country.

Part B.

Data storage and ethicsQ.9.


The data should be kept in a manner that makes it difficult for other institutions to have access to the information, except the team members who are authorized to do so.

Files must be able to be linked while being kept apart so that authorized researchers cannot access them.

This is to make sure data cannot be altered or removed (Stevens 2013).Q.10.

Human Research is permitted with approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

HREC is an important system for Australia. It provides ethical oversight for human research.

Researchers are responsible for obtaining the approval of an ethics committee. First, they design a project. Next, the supervisors fill in the research application form. Finally, the supervisors sign all documents. These documents are then submitted the Human Research Ethics Office.

The HERO acknowledges receipts and sends a message to the chief researcher. Finally, HERO coordinates the review process and approval.11.

These three categories include:

Women who have been pregnant with a human fetus

People suffering from cognitive impairment, intellectual disability, or mental illness

People who are highly dependent on medical treatment may not be capable of giving consent.

Part C

Literature review13.

This research seeks to tackle issues that may arise because nurses are not able to quickly address or deal with early symptoms before they become severe. These issues include the inability to recognize early symptoms, delayed asking for help from skilled personnel, and the need for systems that allow them to access the information needed for their expertise (Leonard, Kyriacos, 2015).

The research objectives include assessing respondents’ ability detect abnormal findings in respiratory rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation level. Sysylic blood pressure, level consciousness, urinary output, and normal temperature.

The descriptive observational study research was done in a Cape Town nursing school, South Africa. It used a self-administered adapted questionnaire to collect the data.

An average of 77/212 students in fourth year, the majority being women and older than 25 years.

The first respondents were Afrikaans. Next was isiXhosa. Finally, English.

Nearly all respondents could recognize normal temperature.

Overall, there would be delays in calling for skills to treat critical illness.

In conclusion, the article suggests that the delay in intervening by healthcare providers as well as nonrecognition and recognition of deterioration in patients’ clinical status can negatively impact their patients.

It also increases the likelihood of patients suffering severe adverse effects.

In order to encourage positive patient outcomes, nursing curriculum should be based on the track/trigger system.

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