HLTENN002 Apply Communication Skills In Nursing Practice

1. Barrier 1:

Expectation of Mr. Samson that his wife would come soon with a newspaper for him and that’s why he is not able to concentrate somewhere else and thus it is leading him towards a barrier of effective communication.


Mr. Samson could have some patience for a while as her wife could be stuck somewhere and that’s why it took her some time to come back.

Barrier 2:

Emotional barrier:

As Mr. Samson is not capable to express the emotions and feelings to the other visitors so it is leading him towards a barrier of effective communication.


Mr. Samson could express their feelings and emotions to the visitors so that the noise could be reduced and the communication could take place in a better manner.

Barrier 3:

Differences in view point and perception:

This is also one of the biggest barriers of effective communication.  In the given case, the perception of Samson is quite different than others so it is leading him towards a barrier of effective communication.


Mr. Samson must try to understand the other’s perception and view point and work accordingly.

Barrier 4:

Cultural Differences:

In the given case, the culture differences are also there among the patient so it is leading him towards a barrier of effective communication.


Mr. Samson must try to understand the other’s culture and must work accordingly.

2. If my client is not feeling to talk than I would start the conversation with their topic of interest and thus when the client would get involved in the topic than I would lead the conversation to the main topic or deal and thus the motto of the business would be accomplished.

3. As being a nurse of a deaf lady, I would adopt the following strategies to ensure an effective communication:

1. I would try to understand her expressions and will talk to her and done all the work according to her expression.
2. I would try to talk to her by gestures. So that she could tell me the things she want and I could take care about her.

4. For achieving an effective communication the following strategies would be opted:

Eye contact:

By making an eye contact, the person with speech impairment could describe the situation and explain the need to other person.

Facial expression:

By some facial expression, the person with speech impairment could describe the situation and explain the need to other person.

Body language:

Body language is the best way for the speech impairment people to describe their situation and talk to someone.

5. 1) Stay professional:

Every individual is different. So before saying anything to the patient parent, I would like to put myself in her father’s shoes and will talk to her father accordingly as than I would be able to understand her situation.

2) Give them some control:

Having your child in hospital bed is scary for every father. As being the nurse, I would offer him some control so that he could understand the situation. And thus the conflict could be resolved,

3) Involve with them:

I would make an involvement with patient father and explain them every situation and will try to convince him that the situation is quite critical and doctors are giving their best to save her life.

4) Ask questions:

I would ask them few questions regarding the situation of the patient even before admitting her in the hospital and will explain her that the situation was critical before a period of time.

5) Listen actively:

I will give all my ears to the dad of the patient and hear him carefully then I will understand him the situation and will let him know that the hospital has given the best of theirs to save their daughter’s life. 

6) Offer them the reports:

I will offer them the report of the patient of the first day when she has admitted in the hospital and would let him know that the situation was critical from that day itself.

Thus I would try to resolve all the conflicts in the hospital.

6. Jenny is the one of the most sensible patient and when she told me about her feelings towards the walking frame, I responded her that Miss Jenny, very soon you will be able to walk on your own feet and you will not need to walk with this walking frame. All you have to keep is a great strength and passion to fight with this disease and soon you will come for a checkup in the hospital by waling at yourself. And it is not so difficult for a strong lady like you to manage and handle this situation. I am assure that you will be totally okay very soon.

7. When I have seen the Mark doing smoking in the ward, I have told him about the disadvantages of smoking on his body as well as all the persons who would come with the contact with that smoke. I have given him some strong arguments such as a patient’s report who is fighting with lungs issues due to the smoke and introduce him with that patient. I have even told him the research over smoke to understand him that how he is destroying his life and explain him that why he could not smoke in the ward and explain him that still if he really want to smoke than he can leave the ward or can go outside the campus of hospital to smoke.

8. The ways of enhancing the fiber and fluids in a human body are as follows:

By adding the fiber food in diet:

This is the best way for a human body to enhance the fiber in the body. This will enhance the fiber in human body very quickly.

Taking nuts and fruits as breakfast:

Nuts and fruits are also the best way to enhance the fiber in human body. Nuts and fruits are the quickest way to increase the level of fluids and fiber in the body.

9. The most important point I would let the next nurse knows is that the patient has been fallen and he is suggested to take the bed rest. And if he feels like not to be in bed than turn on the sports channel on television as in the evening there is a match of North Melbourne football team and he is the fan of that team.

10. Following are some of the major components of active listening:

Reflecting feeling:

This component states that the feelings and emotions of other person must have be put by others into their words.  Such as he could make her feel upset.


This component states that the listener must manage a comfortable distance form speaker to listen everything easily. Listener must face the speaker directly and must maintain an eye contact.

Reflecting meaning:

This component states that the meaning must be restate to understand the reason behind every point. Such as I am feeling sad because…..

11. NFR:

NFR is not for resuscitation. It is a legal term which is used in the hospital or in legal forms. It is a kind of advance directive which depict a request about the CPR.


CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a medical procedure which involves many cycles of compression of chest.


SOB Stands for shortness of breath. This term depict the difficult a person could have while breathing. It could be caused by circulatory conditions.


R/v stands for residual volume or  right ventricle. Residual volume depict that  the volume of air which remains in the lungs after 60 to 100 cube inches forcible expiration is called residual air.


1/52 abbreviation is used by the notes to determine some history. It depicts the things which patient had for a week.  Such as face swelling 1/52 means the face of the patient has been swollen for a week.


FI stands for fertility and infertility. These terms are used in the notes to define the pregnancy circle and pregnancy information of a lady (American Nurses Association, 2010).


It stands for Nasogastric tube. It is a tube which is passed by the nose and down by nasopharynx and esophagus to the stomach.


NBM stands for nil by mouth. This term depicts that foods and fluids must not be given to the patient from mouth due to many reasons.                                                                                         


SOOB stands for skin off our bones. This term depict about some chemicals romance in a human body.

12. As the Rajwinder is my assistant, I would let her know all his week points but in a positive way so that she could analyze and can prepare herself to not to repeat the mistakes again and  I will let her know about his good qualities with a note to enhance the skills more.

13. Key aspects of therapeutic communication:

The key aspect of therapeutic communication is that t is face to face process which helps the patient to resolve all the queries quickly and provide support and other information.

14. If my phone rings in clinical placement than firstly I would disconnect the call and put the phone on silent mode and then I will apologize to the facilitator for it. Nowadays, it is common to ring the phone at any time. But a person must be aware about the situation and according to the situation he must take place. As if he or she is at home than they could put their phone on ring mode but in a hospital you cannot do the same.

15. If something happens like this, I would let her know about the policies and will tell her that such cases are unethical. We must not do such stuffs and will politely explain everything to her.

16. Receptive:

Receptive ways are the one in which the speaker use the language which offers an ability to understand the information. In the given case, for improving the communication, I would try to play some games of gestures with the patient.


Expressive ways are the one in which the speaker put thoughts into words in a sensing manner and with accurate grammar. In the given case, for improving the communication, I will involve the patient in some interesting topic and will talk to him.