NPU1101 Nursing Practice 1


Answer to Question: NPU1101 Nursing Practice 1

Reflection about my participation on safety & hygiene at the local level

Participation in community safety practice and hygiene meant I had to be involved in various activities aimed at improving the hygiene of the local community.

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NPU1101 Nursing Practice 1
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This task required effective planning. I was able to use my skills and to share my values with the community by participating in it.

It was vital to involve the community in the planning and implementation of the project.

This was a sign they had a clear view and were being counseled on the need to improve hygiene at home as well as in the community.

This spirit showed them that they were spiritually committed to taking care of the environment.

My participation helped me to cultivate a sense of hope about how to take care their hygiene. I also taught them the basics of safe hygiene practices.

My engagement with the community was important in giving back. It gave them motivation to continue their daily activities of ensuring safety and hygiene at the house and personal hygiene.

It was a great example of teamwork that allowed us to see the beauty and health advantages of keeping our community hygienically free.

My participation in the promotion health and safety in my community led to the development of values such as teamwork, cooperation, team spirit, and increased awareness of the health status of the community.

One of the positive aspects was the involvement of community members to build social services that increase safety and hygiene.

Participation of the community in community projects is key to ensuring sustainability. This includes engaging in safety and hygiene practices.

Other resources will be effectively utilized when the community is involved.

Water consumption will be effective and the use of hygiene facilities, such as the toilets.

Building individual strengths and the values of love was vital.

To promote a healthy population, it is important to show the community how much you love them.