NRS212 Indigenous Australian Cultures Health And Nursing


Keep a journal of all your learnings, development, and impact on Indigenous Australian culture and your nursing practice.

Answer to Question: NRS212 Indigenous Australian Cultures Health And Nursing

During the Indigenous Australian cultural competence evaluation, I was shocked at how narrow-minded my worldview had been.

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NRS212 Indigenous Australian Cultures Health And Nursing
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I recognized the existence of differences but I never accepted, embraced or respected them.

I was adamant about my beliefs and culture, but I viewed the views of others as flawed and outdated.

When I discovered about Indigenous Australian cultural competence, my view of people changed.

This includes the ability to effectively interact with diverse people and having sensitivity, knowledge, awareness, and awareness of different cultures (Gower, et. al. 2007).

I have a greater appreciation for different cultures which has positively impacted the success of my nursing career.

Cultural competence is the ability of individuals from different cultures to communicate effectively (SAMHSA, 2016).

Australia is made up many people with different cultural backgrounds (Curtin University Library 2017.

Being culturally competent is crucial to ensure everyone’s needs are met equally and effectively.

There are many elements of cultural competency.

According to the Australian Government (2014), these aspects include trust, respect and flexibility, support and time, outreach and transport, and working together.

This is how the exploration allowed me to expand my understanding of most of these areas.

In this way, my understanding of Indigenous Australian Cultural Competence and my perception of the world has changed.

I value diversity now that I accept and appreciate the existence of cultural differences.

The knowledge that I gained from exploring the culture of indigenous Australians made me culturally more aware.

The concept of creativity is to show the importance of Australian indigenous cultural competence in building collaboration, togetherness and cooperation.

Every Australian-of any nationality, native or not-should embrace Australian indigenous culture. This will ensure cultural competence.

As a result, it will be possible to create a multicultural community, promote togetherness and provide an environment that supports indigenous culture.

In healthcare, for example, indigenous Australian culture competence leads to collaboration among healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

This results in improved healthcare outcomes.

It was a huge influence on my nursing practice to learn about cultural competence.

According to SAMHSA (2016) cultural competence means being responsive and respectful towards the beliefs and practices of other populations.

This exploration has enabled me to become unbiased and able, in turn, to interact with every person equally.

This helps me to decrease the gap in healthcare outcomes.

I also encourage my friends, coworkers, and colleagues to accept the differences between people and value them.

Since I know that everyone is unique, I feel more comfortable with patients as well as my coworkers.

This allows me the freedom to provide nursing services to patients, and other staff.

I now understand the importance of cultural competency and its critical role in people’s lives in countries with diverse cultures and races like Australia.

Cultural competence ensures all people receive efficient services. This is not just in the healthcare setting, but also other settings such education.

Culture competence can improve patient’s health by providing unbiased, better care and respecting their beliefs.

My greatest accomplishment is being able to recognize, respect and acknowledge other cultures.

It has enabled me to grow professionally and personally.

I would like to share the cultural competency values and knowledge I gained through exploration on native Australian cultural competence with others.


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