NUR 711 Advanced Roles And Leadership In Nursing


1.Impact and Importance Research Findings

Researchers have identified gaps in nursing leadership skills.

It can also influence their leadership priorities to make health facilities better.

Because it guides the development the competencies necessary to improve the quality of care, the research on leadership skills is vital.

2. Quality improvement research is required to combat increasing health safety concerns.

Recognizing the best professionals to conduct further research, accepting the benefits of further research and dealing with challenges related to quality improvement are all important.

Professional nurses have to assume this responsibility.

This is the most important area of health infrastructure.

Answer to Question: NUR 711 Advanced Roles And Leadership In Nursing

1. I agree to your viewpoint on the use of research in nursing research.

Changes in the health sector are forcing us to adopt new strategies.

Nursing knowledge gaps have been a constant feature of nursing practice.

Nursing leaders are incompetent because they have been trained to be skills-oriented rather than being skilled at leadership.

These newly qualified registered nurses lack essential skills like communication and critical thinking.

Do they have the right training to learn the skills they require?

The training curriculum’s failures have shown that leadership is more practical than theoretical knowledge.

Nursing students are not trained in theory. Nurses will only be able to practice leadership skills and integrate theoretical knowledge. (Ellis 2016).

2. Quality improvement research should be a deliberate, systematic process.

It is often the foundation for any process of change.

This allows you to spot loopholes that need to be fixed by doing research on the entire process.

A change in healthcare delivery is necessary due to the huge changes in healthcare.

Privacy has been an important issue with the introduction of advanced technology to record patient health records.

Innovating new ways to store patient information is one way to protect the privacy of patients and ensure high quality care.

Are there any solutions to all the issues?

Good leadership can address all the issues that face quality improvement (Goetsch und Davis, 2014.

The best leaders will use the models of change management to facilitate the process.

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