NURBN3032 Nursing Context 9 Transitioning To Nursing Practice

Cover Letter

Date: 27.03.2022 Contact details: (823) 9823 1234

Dear Employer,

The Royal Melbourne Hospital City Campus


RE: Registered Nurse

I am highly pleased to extend a cover letter for the application which I made in the post of a Registered Nurse in your organisation, that I have found from Indeed Australia. I truly believe that I am an eligible candidate for this post in all possible aspects.

I have pursued a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Australia, and I have worked as an intern at the Royal Adelaide Hospital for six months. After that, I have worked as a junior nurse in the St. Vincent hospital for one year, seven months and post this, and I am placed in Delmon Private Hospital, Adelaide to date.

In my current organisation, my role is to train and educate nurses regarding the various roles played by nurses in a hospital. I treat and take care of critical patients after surgery and carry out effective dressing for them with utmost care. My patients are highly pleased and satisfied with my service, and their family members trust me to their best possibility. I lead a team of nurses and carry out any task undertaken with complete dedication and commitment.

Having worked as an intern and a junior nurse in two other prestigious organisations, I have gained immense experience in this profession, which has ultimately resulted in the growth of my career. I have been appreciated well for my professional decision-making ventures in my prior and current organisation of employment.

I believe I shall be able to carry out my role effectively, which shall not only benefit the organisation but also be of enhancement in the growth of my career. I wish to work in a challenging environment like this which would prosper my career. I shall look forward to an answer from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Barbara Mascotti, RN

KSC Letter Using The STAR Technique

Date: 27.03.2022 Contact details: (823) 9823 1234

Dear Employer,

The Royal Melbourne Hospital City Campus


I would like to summarise some incidents which shall explain my ability as an experienced Registered Nurse who can be fit to be a part of your organisation. The incidents would be written using the STAR technique.

Incident 1

Situation: In Delmon Private hospital, the management was receiving many complaints from the families of patients that their complaints and grievances were not being catered to properly. In a huge hospital such as Delmon, it is impossible for HR to reach out to the community so that their problems can be heard. Hence, Registered Nurses were given the duty of conducting campaigns.

Task: I had conducted a campaign in the local community to increase communication of patient families with the management of the hospital so that their needs and demands can be understood to cater to them accordingly.

Action: I conducted a campaign that was funded by the hospital for improving communication between the patient, family and medical staff in the form of workshops where various suggestions were facilitated. I had led the campaign, and 15 nurses worked under me.

Result: The hospital authorities recognised me as the “Star employee of the month” with leadership capability for providing strong service in the campaign.

Incident 2

Situation: During Covid-19, when the number of patients coming to the hospital had increased manifold, there were many nurses who were not ready to do their duties as most of them had old parents or kids at home. However, with a collapsing infrastructure in view, the hospital needed employees with a strong commitment to serving patients without any fear of getting infected.

Task: I was appointed as the lead nurse in one of the Covid wards, and I took up the duty happily. It was the 20-bed facility where all patients were infected with Covid.

Action: my team and I had to work extra shifts. Sometimes, we worked for four days at a stretch without taking a break. We worked wearing PPE kits and provided all sorts of services to those Covid patients without fear.

Result: The hospital did have to face a burden, but with integrated teamwork, it was possible to face such a difficult situation without having to send back patients without treating them.

Incident 3

Situation: While working in the Alzheimer’s care ward in Delmon Private hospital, I have seen many patients and their families lose hope of being able to recover in life. This was stressing me out, and I was beginning to feel emotionally sick.

Task: I joined a support group in my community to cope with the stress that I was facing. This group helped me a lot to bring down my stress levels which otherwise could have led to anxiety and depression in me.

Action: Every day after I completed my shift hours, I used to go to the support group where I interacted and talked about my entire day with the others who participated in that group. We played fun games, often had dinner together, and this made me feel rejuvenated at the end of the day. I used to forget all the stress I faced in the hospital.

Result: I easily learned how to deal with stress and became adept in stress management within a few months. It made me strong enough to cope with stress.  

Incident 4

Situation: While working in the maternity ward, I encountered a patient who faced hypoxia post-partum. She became unconscious and eventually expired, though the healthcare team tried their level best in making the patient survive.

Task: After the patient expired, as a senior nurse, I had to call up the husband of the woman and give them the sad news of the demise of his wife, which was a very difficult task for me.

Action: I called up the husband and asked him to come over to the hospital without giving him the news of expiry so that he does not lose control before reaching the hospital. After his arrival, I had disclosed the news to him and the mother of the lady. The mother broke down badly in front of me, which was very sad to watch.

Result: I realised that I have the skills of empathy within me and that as a nurse, I will be able to handle difficult situations like disclosing sad news to family members of patients without facing many problems.

 Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information

Name: Barbara Mascotti, RN

Place of residence: New South Wales, Australia

Contact: (423)-768 9832


Gender: Female

Age: 25 years

Date of birth: 23.08.1996

Education And Skills

Latest degree: Bachelor of Nursing; University of South Australia, Adelaide. (2014-2017).

Skills: Stress-management; Empathetic; Confident; Interactive; Time-management; Critical Thinking and problem-solving; Teamwork; Professionalism; Organised; Possessing leadership qualities; Infant and maternity care; Geriatric care; Intravenous management and administration

Work History
At Delmon Private Hospital, I have carried out an initiative with support from the hospital, a campaign which was aimed at improving the mental health of nurses who worked day and night at the time of peak outbreaks of Covid-19.
I had worked for a continuous of 4 days without any break when the health infrastructure was almost breaking down with numerous incoming cases during Covid-19.
I have conducted community workshops for delivering suggestions to families so that they can improve communication with medical staff at hospitals.
Placement History
Internship at Royal Adelaide Hospital (October 2017- April 2018)
Worked as an intern under a registered nurse for six months. My role was to assess the needs of the patient and plan the care plan according to the needs and requirements of the patient.
Evaluation of the outcome of such care in accordance with the standards and policies with the help of seniors, either individually or in the team under the leadership of a registered nurse.
Keeping records of daily patient admission and discharge in the ward.
Junior Nurse at St. Vincent Hospital, Melbourne (May 2018- December 2019)
Administration of primary care in the maternity ward while assessing patients for various outpatient procedures in patients with gynaecological and fertility-related issues.
Taking care of post-operative patients by giving medications to the women at their prescribed time. Dressing the patients in the case of cesarean section.
Assessment of the vitals of the patient and reporting any kind of abnormalities in the patient. Drawing samples for different types of blood tests of patients and administering saline on the advice of a senior nurse or registered nurse.
Registered Nurse at Delmon Private Hospital, Adelaide (December 2019-Present)
Treating and taking care of patients after major surgeries and monitoring the vital signs of the patient while administering appropriate medicines and injections as and when required. Conducting proper dressing and cleaning the surgical areas of the patients when needed.
Led a team of nurses and made them collaborate with coworkers and physicians to handle emergency situations and carry out care plan measures for the concerned patient both during the stay in the hospital as well as post-discharge.
Training and educating junior nurses as a supervisor
Building trust among the families of the patients.


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