NURS 1111 Nursing Research And Evidence-Based Practice


Demonstrate knowledge concerning human anatomy, and the physiological changes that take place during pregnancy.

Competency: Be clear about the competency letter and number.

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NURS 1111 Nursing Research And Evidence-Based Practice
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You have a significant learning opportunity: Name one important experience you had while taking this course. It is directly related to your CLPNA competency.

Give an example.

What you learned: Tell us about what you learned, and how it relates back to the competency.

Proficiency rating. Use the “Proficiency Rate Categories” below for a rating of your proficiency in a CLPNA competency.

Which activities did you take to attain this competency and what evidence do you have to support it?

Significance: Discuss how this competency has enriched your learning (was it meaningful) in this course.

Nursing Practice: Describe your plans for applying this learning to your current and potential future nursing practice. What are your strengths and future learning opportunities regarding this competency?

Answer to Question: NURS 1111 Nursing Research And Evidence-Based Practice

Identify Competency Letter, Number and Subcategory

K is the main competence area

Nursing practice competency: K-1 mother practice

K-1-2 Demonstrate knowledge regarding human anatomy and physiological modifications during pregnancy.

Description of one important learning experience in this Course

The most valuable learning experience I have chosen in regards to the CLPNA competency, was when I attended NFDN maternity. This course deals with significant changes in human anatomy, psychological, and physiological during pregnancy.

I gained a good understanding of the different changes that can occur to a mother throughout pregnancy. The experience will help me when I am preparing for my clinical placements.

What I Learned

Through this experience I learned about the changes in a mother’s body during pregnancy and various factors that cause these changes.

I discovered that hormones can influence human anatomy to support growth.

As a nurse with a specialization in maternity, I could use this knowledge to give accurate teachings while on duty.


I would rate myself just or fair in terms of the chosen competency (K1-2).

This is because, although I have a good understanding of the competency theory, it’s possible that I don’t know how to use the nursing experience.

Why It Was Important/ Meaningful

This competency is important to me because it will help me plan care for my future clients.

How do I apply this learning to nursing practice

I plan to use this knowledge as a maternity nurses and for future placements.