NURS 635 Nursing Informatics


Health is an important thing in the citizens in a country as healthy citizens lead to a productive society. There is a variety of health issues such as physical activity and nutrition, obesity, mental health, substance abuse, immunization, accessibility to health care, environmental quality as well as HIV/AIDS. The issue that I will deeply look at this work is on obesity. Obesity and overweight have been a health problem for many years leading to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, osteoarthritis among others.( Alston,2017)

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NURS 635 Nursing Informatics
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Description Of Obesity

Obesity is whereby the fats substantially accumulate in the body, which may lead to health impairment. In examining whether one is obese, the BMI is checked. The BMI is the simple index, which involves one’s weight as well as height. One’s weight, which is measured in kilograms, is divided by one’s height in square meters. The world health organization says that one is over weight in adults when he or she has a BMI greater than 25 while obese BMI>30. In children, obesity is defined by also looking at the child’s age where by children under five years are obese if the BMI is about three deviations beyond the world health growth standards median.  The other kids above five years (5-19) are said to be obese if the BMIA exceeds the growth reference median by two standard deviations.( Doty, 2008)

I selected this issue as it has significantly affected the world as a whole with the world health organization giving its statistics that more than 600 million adults are obese. In this vast number, about 41 million are children below five years hence it is a problem that is vital to look at and corrected for the future generation.  Obesity has also been associated with a lot of deaths in the worlds hence  I selected it so that people may have more knowledge about this health issue. 


My audience in this work is mostly the citizens in the low and middle-income countries who have to deal with a double burden of disease. It is because the low, as well as income countries despite having issues such as under nutrition, are also facing the problem of obesity.  As such the parents should be interested in the information on obesity as they are the ones who feed their children as well as themselves. The children in these countries have been exposed to foods with low micronutrient, energy dense foods, high sugars as well as salts.   

I would also like to address the adults in the United States who take the fatty foods leading to numerous problems. Various people in the United States, as well as other developed countries, have also developed obesity, as they are physical inactivity. The physical inactivity is one of the primary cause of obesity in adults in these countries which have been caused by the modern means of transport among others.

Causes Of Obesity

The primary cause of obesity is energy imbalance whereby the calories consumed are more than the calories used. It happens due to the high intake of energy dense foods as well as fatty foods. The physical inactivity can also cause obesity hence there are many unconsumed calories. The urbanization, as well as the changing modes of transportation, is some of the major reasons for inactivity. Most of the people do not walk on foot as seen in the past years but use the modern means of transportation such as airplanes and vehicles. The changes in the diet leading to the intake of energy dense foods have been attributed to the surroundings as well as the society changes. Most of these changes have been linked to developments as well as deficiency in supportive agricultural, health, transport, education policies among others.( Archer,2015)                                                       

Pulmonary Diseases:

Abnormal function ,Obstructive sleep apnea ,Hypoventilation syndrome


Key terms definitions

Osteoarthritis:  a degenerative disease of the joints, which greatly disables them.

WHO: world health organization

BMI: body mass index (body mass divided by the height in square meters.)

Hypoventilation syndrome:  failure to breathe deeply leading to low oxygen levels as well as high CO2 levels 

Sites That One Can Get More Information On Diabetes

One can also get more education on obesity as well as physical activity by looking at the sites that the “Health literacy: How do your patients rate? (2011). Urology Times, 39(9), 32. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.” recommend. 

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