NURS 746 Evidence Based Practice And Implementation


Present your work as a portfolio composed of the following five sections:

Part 1 – Clinical scenario – Describe a clinical issue facing you or one of your colleagues.

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NURS 746 Evidence Based Practice And Implementation
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Be specific and explain why it is a problem.

Part 2 – Critically Appraised Topic – From the above scenario, create a search term and identify search terms that will locate research evidence

Part 3 – Assessment for application to clinical practice – Provide an assessment of the applicability of the evidence in your area of clinical medicine.

Consider the feasibility, acceptability cost, anticipated benefits and cost of the intervention.Part 4: Barrier analysis – Identify barriers and enablers to implementing the evidence within your service/organisation.

To ensure successful implementation, you should concentrate on those that are related to the key target behaviours or target groups.

For identifying obstacles and supporting evidence, it is recommended that you consult a published model/framework.

The supporting evidence could include existing data that is relevant to your situation, such as patient experience data or survey results. You are not expected to create new data for this assignment.

Part 5 – Implementation plan – Create a plan outlining the steps you’ll take to implement your evidence.

Your plan should consider core implementation principles and give some reasoning for the selected implementation strategies.

The plan should outline the core principles of implementation, provide some rationale for the selected strategies (i.e. the reasons why these strategies will bring about change), and be specific to your particular work environment.

A published implementation model/framework is a good guide.

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