NURS300 Professional Transitions In Nursing


Sometimes the needs of our families can interfere with our work responsibilities.

Could this be the root problem?

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NURS300 Professional Transitions In Nursing
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Discuss the leader’s ability to resolve conflict.

How would you rate the leader’s skills in resolving conflicts on a scale of 1-10

Could there have been a more beneficial collaboration in the past?

Some companies use non-registered nurse Case Managers.

Answer to Question: NURS300 Professional Transitions In Nursing

1: Nursing is a profession which can be affected from a range of professional or societal factors.

It is possible for nursing to be negatively affected by the multitude of conflicts that occur every day (Elena Losa Iglesias, Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo (2012)).

In this particular instance, the nurse had to visit the homes and families of crime-prone patients. The husband’s fear for her safety was a problem that interfered with her professional responsibilities.

2: Conflict resolution can be a key component of a mutually respectful mentor/mentee relationship.

The nurse was successfully resolved by the leader of this scenario.

It was admirable of her to listen to the nurse and understand her concerns (Elena Losa Iglesias&Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo, 2012).

The leader was also sympathetic to the nurse’s concern and tried to solve the problem in a way that would be beneficial to her.

I give her an 8.5 for her effort and for not being able to convince the nurse completely.

3: The nurse at issue was concerned about her safety while going to a poor area for patient visits.

A previous collaboration between the mentors and nurses who are required to visit patients could have prevented the issue from becoming a problem (Elena Losa Iglesias & Becerro de Bengoa, 2012).

4: BSN is the Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing. This 4-year program enriches nurses with practical knowledge about the nursing profession (Reneau (2013)).

This program emphasizes leadership, management, systems thinking and management approaches to health care.

The BSN will equip nurses with the necessary skills to deal with conflicts and lead effectively (Reneau 2013).References:Elena Losa Iglesias, M., & Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo, R. (2012).

Conflict resolution strategies in the nursing profession.

Contemporary nurse, 43(1) 73-80.Reneau, M. (2013).

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