NURS3101 Issues And Trends In Nursing


What are the pros and cons of having a compact license?

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NURS3101 Issues And Trends In Nursing
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Nurse Licensure Compact allows nursing professionals to have multistate license, together with the ability for practice at the home and other compact states. Nursing licensure compact enables support regrading the portability of the professionals who chooses to work at diverse variety of locations as per their requirement.  The concept of the license of the drivers are quite similar to that of the compact license that supports and respects the profession of nursing to be eligible in practising irrespective of the state boundaries (NCSBN. 2022). The compact henceforth supports flexibility. The compact helps in the streamlining of the licensure towards proper employment options by decreasing the application time as well as the cost of application, verification and the time taken for background check.  The nursing professionals and the employers leverage the advantages of the provision of NLC for grabbing the right position in case of any vacancy. NCL has been specifically beneficial for travel nurses who does not require in obtaining multiple licenses (NCSBN. 2022). Finally, the NLC ensures increased level of flexibility with rising level of opportunities and options.


However, some of the major challenges of NLC includes the fact that, nurse licensure compacts although bridges the gap, however does not change the fact on the change of nursing practice across different state.  The NLC henceforth requires diverse state requirements and legislations.  The enhanced nurse licensure compact differs from the NLC since it raises questions regrading the define practice locations (NCSBN. 2022). Diverse professional development standards as well as different disciplinary and licensure standards are some of the major factors that prohibits the effective usage of NLC, and henceforth can be considered as the barrier.

Which states are currently part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

Nurse Licensure Compact has been introduced by the National Counsel of State Boards of Nursing which is an independent, non-profit organization by which the nursing regulatory board take actions on the matters regrading the concern and the common fundamental interest impacting the safety, health and welfare of the public (Servage, 2000). This also include the overall development of the examination of the nursing licensure. NCSBN has been under the work over the compact agreement for the APRNs which will be implemented under the enactment of states within legislation (NCSBN. 2022). The list of the compact states as of the reports from the data gathered from 2022 February, are as follows.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

However, some of the states who are yet pending in the implementation of the NCL includes U.S Virgin Island, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The name of the states who are yet to implement the NLC includes Rhode Island, Oregon, Massachusetts, Illinois and Alaska.

Discuss the role of the nursing board to ensure safe nursing practice.

Nursing Board is the non profit and independent organization through which the boards of the nursing take action as well as counsel together regrading the matters of the concern and common interest impacting the health of the public, the welfare as well as safety (Servage, 2000). The board overall establishes the standards regrading safe care of nursing. The board helps in the issue of the license for the practice of nursing, monitoring of the licensees’ compliances to the state laws. Boards of nursing are the agencies of the state government which protect the health of the public by ensuring and seeing safe practice of nursing. According to the data structures, the enlist roles of nursing board for ensuring safe practice of nursing are evaluation of the application of the licence, issues of license, renew of the licenses, take disciplinary actions in the response towards the professional misconduct (NCSBN. 2022). The overall role and responsibilities of the board of nursing for ensuring safe practice of nursing includes description and analysis of the level of competency of the nursing care and provision of approval for the education programs of nursing. Adhering to the norms of ensuring and implementing legislative factors , the board enforces rules which governs the practice of nursing and also provide oversight of the actions of nursing practice. 


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