NURS329 Healthcare Systems And Policy


You can choose a Healthcare institution to analyze: hospital, clinic, etc.

The criteria are below.

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NURS329 Healthcare Systems And Policy
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Provide a description of the organization and environment

It is important to explain enough so others can understand. Hint: Make use of all your senses

What are the Organization’s Mission and Goals?

Check out the organization’s goals, mission, and objectives.

Find out if these are apparent and obvious in your organization

You can review their information (website or phone calls to ask queries, etc.) and see how the organization is doing.

Discuss what you discover if the mission statement, values, and philosophy of the organization are apparent.

Why is it important to have these “seen” in an organization?

SWOT Analysis

Complete a SWOT Analysis of the Organization (complete at least 4 examples each) and explain why.

You can learn more about SWOT analysis on this website and see how to apply each term.

Future Implications

What is the outlook for this organization in the future?

Where do you see the future of it?

Your opinion or facts regarding this environment

Article on healthy work environmentsFind a research article related to “Healthy Work Environments”–answer the following:

Briefly summarize the article/study

Why are healthy work environments important for employees?

What can you do to make your environment unhealthy?

Give some examples of what you can do to improve our environment.

Answer to Question: NURS329 Healthcare Systems And Policy


Pan American Health Organization, an American organization, is based in America. It works with members countries to eliminate or rather combat communicable and/or non-communicable illness, their causes and to build strong health systems.

PAHO’s two primary areas of expertise are the inter-American system as well as the US-based specialist health agency that serves the role of a regional office in the World Health Organization.

This international organization has 52 members and is dedicated to supporting and promoting everyone’s rights to good health.

This organization partners with other corporations and institutions, such as governments, international agencies. Civil societies and community groups are also part of its efforts to make people live longer, healthier, and enjoy good health.Organization’s;

Mission: “To lead strategic collaboration efforts among member state and other partners in order to promote equality of health, to fight diseases, and improve the quality, and lengthen lives American citizens.”

Vision – “To serve as the catalyst for all American citizens to achieve optimal health and contribute positively to their families and communities.”

Values- Organization vision and mission are guided and guided by the values of equity, excellence, solidarity respect and integrity.

The organization’s responsibilities align with their goals and mission. Their values guide them in achieving their ultimate goals.

PAHO’s policy governing harassment at work is a clear statement of the organization’s values.

PAHO is guided by its vision, mission and values in order to achieve the goals.

PAHO has made many accomplishments through cooperation with member countries. During the Zika crisis, PAHO helped to manage the outbreak by providing support in laboratory and clinic departments.

According to these findings, it appears that the organization is following its core principles and is dedicated to providing quality services to all people. In addition to collaborating with member nations to ensure that people have better lives and are healthier,

It is vital that PAHO’s vision, mission and values are clearly communicated. This will allow people to trust the organization, based on their practices and support to humanity (PAHO 2017).

Swot Analys

Streangths in PAHO

Staff are well-trained and have excellent accounting skills. This helps them to be able to provide transparency skills and help the organization.

PAHO has a management system that trains personnel in their specific areas, which results in excellent management.

Recognized as a provider of emergency support and aid to all member countries who are faced with an outbreak, crisis, or other situation.

The organization makes full use of its facilities in order to achieve its goals.


It takes time because of the nature the organization to respond to urgent problems like procurement during an emergency situation

Protecting the ministry’s declining human resource should be done proactively

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand the needs and desires of a community due to diversity within different communities

The inability to afford adequate health care resources for all communities.


Public perception of public health as second-class health care

Legislations which don’t support certain communities basedMigrant population

An increase in urbanization means a higher population density that poses a threat for public health.Opportunities

It is possible to train young people to respond in an emergency situation.

Partnering with regional and local organizations is an option for the organization

National health plans to create a stress management response group

Future Implications For PAHO

PAHO’s future looks bright based on its current plans. They have already been supported so far by seventy five ministers. However, they need to increase collaboration and partnerships at all levels.

PAHO is well on its path to achieving its organizational goals.

Additionally, PAHO is supported by the government and other nongovernmental organizations. Together they can help the organization achieve its goal of being the primary catalyst to ensure that all American citizens are in optimal health and that their families and communities are well.Healthy Working Environment

According to the US National Library of Medicine, an assessment of healthy workplaces published in 2011 states that employees’ mental and emotional health can be negatively or positively affected by their work environment.

Workload and poor safety measures are two of the main causes of unhealthy work environments (Rechel EHPN EOHS and Policies & WHO (2009).

These problems can be solved by establishing key environmental protection rules that regulate the human resource in health facilities.


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About Pan American Health Organization.

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