NURS357 Introduction To Nursing Informatics

Importance Of Ethics

I must say that your experience as evidenced in the post is a clear illustration of ethics. Your experience is not only horrifying, but insightful as far as dealing with ethics in health matters. In the two situations described; the scenario of the patient in the intensive care unit and the video of the Boy Driving a car commercial present ethical concerns. For example, the ethical concern in the patient’s case is the idea of letting the patient stay longer on life support against his will and that of the wife is deemed professionally unethical (Monteverde, 2014). The surgeon in charge of the unit seems not to allow the patient removed from life support. However, one positive thing about the scenario is the point where the ethics consultant intervenes and the patient is removed from the support machine as he had earlier wished. Indeed, this is a good gesture of ethics as the will of the patient is considered while making decisions as regards his health.

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NURS357 Introduction To Nursing Informatics
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Moreover, you have well articulated and brought out the issue of ethics in the Boy driving Car video. Just as you mentioned, it is true that having a young child drive a car is quite unethical. This is because, it seems to encourage teens out there that may see the video to try out this. Well, it is obvious that the legal driving age is 17 years and above and thus any teen that drives at a lower age breaks the law and his or her behavior is considered unethical and injurious to the corporate culture (Schwartz, 2013).


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