NURS4021 Leadership Competencies In Nursing And Healthcare


You are doing your clinical rotation in a community family clinic.

You were asked to facilitate a class for LPN’s on pharmacotherapy.

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NURS4021 Leadership Competencies In Nursing And Healthcare
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Make a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the following:

You can choose any cardiovascular or respiratory medication that you like, then choose one or more of the following patients: Elderly, Pregnant Women, Children, or Infants.

Briefly define one disorder which your chosen medication is often used for.

Answer to Question: NURS4021 Leadership Competencies In Nursing And Healthcare

Pulmonary medication. This essay will focus on Fluticasone, also called Flovent. It is used in the treatment for inflammation of the human lungs.

The intended population for the medication’s use is the pediatric population.

This drug’s primary purpose is to reduce inflammation that can make breathing difficult.

Inflammation causes obstruction of airflow in the lungs. It can also cause swelling and irritation.

Classification Flovent is classified as a Corticosteroid, which means that it lowers inflammation of the lungs.

Because of this, air can easily find its way into the lungs. (Tricia, 2016).

Side effects of the Flovent drug

Other side effects include an allergic reaction, a change of voice and other reactions.

The Flovent medication works by blocking several substances that cause allergies.

It is sprayed onto the affected patient’s nasal passages once or twice per day.

Although the patient might feel the working effects within 12 hours of using the drug, other times it may take them a few days.

Regular use is recommended in order to get the best results (MedlinePlus, 2017).

Fluticasone blocks all known natural substances which are key inducers of inflammation.

The patient’s difficulty in breathing is eliminated by this medicine.

He/she will be able to start breathing normally again.

There are many breathing problems in America for children, mostly those younger than 21 years.

These problems include asthma, pneumonia, or Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).

It is because of COPD that the Flovent medicine can be used (Wedzicha, 2016).

Different people use different home remedies to treat COPD.

These foods could include kidney beans and carrots as well as fish.

These foods can increase oxygenation levels in different tissues such as the lungs.

Other foods include ginger and peppermint as well as ginseng and Eucalyptus.

Vitamins that these foods supply are vitamins D C E E and A.

They are crucial in the treatment of the ailment.

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