NURSING 7203 Introducing Professional Nursing


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“Australia is experiencing a shortage nurses”

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NURSING 7203 Introducing Professional Nursing
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Discuss the factors leading to the shortage, and then make suggestions for ways to address it.

Answer to Question: NURSING 7203 Introducing Professional Nursing


Australia has a shortage of nurses, which is one reason for concern.

Most nurses in the country feel demoralized and some have left the industry to seek other employment (Hegney et. al., 2014).

Recent studies have shown that this profession is likely to grow in the coming years, even though it was a time of financial crisis.

It is imperative that the government of Australia establish proper channels in order to prevent the problem from getting worse.


Australia faces a major shortage of qualified nurses by 2025.

The Age has found that Australia’s nursing workforce is at risk if it doesn’t act.

However, the government does not have enough resources to provide enough nurses for the country.

It is clear that nursing graduates must be boosted by an average of 85 to 158% in order to improve self-sufficiency, and meet future requirements.

This is a sign that the government must invest heavily.

Research has revealed that nurses in Australia are disgruntled. A number of them have been fighting for better wages, as well as better working conditions (Brunetto et. al., 2013,).

Australian Nursing Federation funded conducted research and found that more than 98% believe the government undervalues nurses’ roles.

Monash University’s research found that 15% of the 640 nurses were unhappy with their work environment and willing to leave in the coming year. (Craigie and al., 2016,

The nurses’ outcomes and expectations are affected by the nurse patient ratio.

They work long hours and are therefore disappointed in their situations. Some even quit their jobs.


The government needs to do more research in order to understand why the number is falling each year.

This idea will help in finding the root cause for the nursing shortage.

The government is responsible for ensuring that nurses get better wages and safer working conditions, as a result of most research into Australia’s poor working conditions.

It should also recognize nurses with promotions and annual awards that could motivate them to do more.

To address the current shortage, it should spend more money on recruiting nurses as graduates to help reduce it.


Australia’s nursing workforce is in short supply. This problem is expected to get worse by 2025.

Nursing staff are under pressure and earning low salaries.

According to research, the Australian government could lose its nurse workforce within the next few years. This would create a serious crisis in government.

It demands that the government take immediate measures to reduce the problem and save the lives many people who will be affected by it.

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