PC6003 Abnormal Psychology


Problems with identifying mental disorders

Many mental disorders fall on a continuum. There is “normal”, at one end, and many others.

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PC6003 Abnormal Psychology
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While nearly everyone experiences a fear of some thing, it doesn’t rise to the level that is considered a phobia.

An abnormal behavior can appear completely normal in one context, but may not be in another.

These two aspects are why it can be difficult for mental disorders to be diagnosed.

This question will guide you and help you organize your essay.

Is it difficult to diagnose abnormal behavior?

Keep in mind the importance of social norms when defining the abnormal. The multiplicity of indicators, the stigma experienced by those diagnosed as abnormal, as well as the need for objectivity in dealing the concept.

Answer to Question: PC6003 Abnormal Psychology

Problems in identifying mental disordersIntroduction:

Mental health is defined as the ability to cope with every challenge that life throws at you and to live normal in society.

One can think correctly, can manage every emotion and can interact regularly with his or her environment.

This means that social involvement must be properly functioning in every stage of one’s life (Mind, 2017).

Research QuestionDiscussion:

I believe that some people can’t adjust to stress, anxiety, and behave abnormally.

It is not a universal issue, as everyone reacts differently to the exact same event.

This is why it is so common to not report the incident and receive the appropriate treatment.

The diagnosis can be difficult because of the many variables involved.

People suffering from mental disorders are often overlooked and fail to seek the appropriate medical attention.

This can cause more complications, and make things more difficult.

People are still afraid of social injustice.

It is still a stigma in this century to be diagnosed with mental illness.

People are not able to plan for the future and know exactly where they should go.Analysis:

I can identify certain signs and symptoms that make it easy for me to determine if someone has a mental disorder.

These are some of my most frequent mental health conditions that I have encountered:

A person suddenly stops attending their regular activitiesStarted confinement

Always feeling down, unsatisfied, stressed

The habits of different people

Changes in moods occur without any obvious causeSudden changes in physic

Sudden changes to regular sex driveAddiction developsSerious inability to perform previous daily activities(Mayoclinic, 2015)

I will inform my friends, family members and community members if I notice any of the above symptoms in them.

However, people generally don’t associate problems with having to be treated differently in society.

The stigma of being treated differently in society is still felt by many people.

Because of fear of social bullying, many people are reluctant to seek medical attention.

I will make everyone aware that an afflicted person should seek medical treatment to restore their normalcy.

While it can be difficult, I will not hesitate to point out abnormal behaviours in my loved ones or any sudden changes.

I don’t want to be seen as a privacy breacher or someone trying to harm me.

If the person in question refuses me, I’ll inform his or Her family members, neighbours or relatives that they made him orher understand the significance of medical treatment and abnormalities.Conclusion:

I do not criticize any person for having irregular behavior. That makes me miserable.

The affected person may not realize the abnormalities, but they will be acting normally.

I would prefer to refer that person to a counselor and to try to be present during therapy.

To bring the patient back to normal, I would support them and try to be supportive.

It is my responsibility.

Society has a huge role to play in the treatment of mental disorders.

An individual suffering from mental disorders will require the assistance of close and dear friends.

A person who displays abnormal behaviours should not be bullied by the society.

If a loved one is struggling with mental illness, all should support them to get therapy.References:Bbc.


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