PHI 511 Foundations Of Public Health


Discussion: Topics, research

Answer to Question: PHI 511 Foundations Of Public Health

The topic chosen as the doctoral study premise focuses on the issues and challenges involved in obtaining surgical permission from patients.

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PHI 511 Foundations Of Public Health
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The doctoral dissertation’s title would be “Issues, challenges and obtaining surgical consent from patients”.

The doctoral research study has a predetermined premise. The research questions will aid the paper in achieving its main objective.

Primary Q.1: What challenges are faced by doctors when seeking consent from patients to have surgery performed?

Secondary Q.2 Why patients refuse to give consent for surgery

Secondary Q.3: What is the current mortality rate for surgery?

Secondary Q.4 When a physician should suggest surgery for which diseases? (Bilimoria et al., 2013)

To ensure that you are able to address the most important questions and reach a satisfactory result, it is necessary to review a certain data set. It would be primary secondary.

The secondary data are journal articles on the problems faced by patients during surgery, issues faced when doctors consent to surgery, and diseases that require surgery. Government data also holds information about the death rate during surgery (Kinnersley, et al. (2013)).

Each of these aspects is closely linked to the research question, so secondary data would be required.

It is not possible to determine the exact death rate without having access to government records.References:Bilimoria, K. Y., Liu, Y., Paruch, J. L., Zhou, L., Kmiecik, T. E., Ko, C. Y., & Cohen, M. E. (2013).

The universal ACS NSQIP surgical danger calculator is developed and evaluated. This tool can be used by patients and surgeons as a decision aid or informed consent tool.

Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 217(5). 833-842.Kinnersley, P., Phillips, K., Savage, K., Kelly, M. J., Farrell, E., Morgan, B., … & Blazeby, J. (2013).

Interventions to promote informed consent among patients who undergo invasive or surgical procedures. Cochrane Database Syst Rev20137CD009445.

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