PHIL 1301 Introduction To Philosophy


What question is Elisabeth asking Descartes?

How did you interpret his answer?

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PHIL 1301 Introduction To Philosophy
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Is Descartes correct?

What is your opinion?

Answer to Question: PHIL 1301 Introduction To Philosophy

Elisabeth de Bohemia asked Descartes to clarify the relationship between mind and body.

Descartes was asked to explain how the relationship between bodies and minds works. She stated that the mind is material while the body is immaterial.

She continues to ask how an immaterial substance can interact with a material substance.

She then asks her questions, asking if the mind has the power to affect the body. But how can the body act on the mind? How is soul independent of the material?

Descartes the great philosopher answered Elisabeth’s questions by telling her that he believes the body and soul are one.

He wrote “Passions of Soul” in tribute to her. Descartes develops a moral philosophy.

He explained that God is the only true God.

He explains that the relationship between soul and body is a philosophy called dualism.

Although the mind and the body have different functions and activities it still exists together as one entity (Shapiro, Lisa).

The body functions as a machine, allowing us to do work, move and take action.

It helps us perform daily tasks and all other actions.

The primary function the mind serves is to think.

Descartes claims that the mind is responsible for thinking.

The soul is the location where we have thoughts and passions. Thus, the mind and the body interact through the pineal nerve located in the brain. (Descartes and Rene).

Descartes could not convince Elisabeth because he replied to his letter saying that he too was philosophical.

Descartes describes metaphysics in detail. This gives us knowledge about God and is crucial.

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