PSY 207 Child Clinical Psychology


Identify one clinical issue you noticed in a current clinical environment. Also, identify the necessary changes to improve the organization.

Based on your clinical environment, the following are some examples of summary:

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PSY 207 Child Clinical Psychology
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Briefly explain the clinical problem and related change(s).

Discuss the evidence-based approach to the problem.

Describe the evidence used to support the change.

Define the organizational process for changing?

Discuss what you would have done differently.

Don’t make the change if it is a risk for the company.

Answer to Question: PSY 207 Child Clinical Psychology

Individuals are diagnosed with clinical problems.

Healthcare is essential for many of today’s clinical problems.

The most prevalent medical problem today is obesity.

It is defined as a situation in which the body weight index (BMI), an indicator of body fat, is higher than the average person’s height.

It refers to being either overweight or grossly obese.

There are many causes of obesity, including eating too much and moving too slow, too much sugar and too much fat.

A child’s eating habits are heavily influenced by his or her parents.

If parents eat too much, children are more likely to follow their lead.

They are more likely to keep the same habits even into adulthood.

The United States has more than two-thirds of the overweight population.

To curb this issue, the United States has partnered with several sponsors and the government.

There have been several solutions.

The public has been informed about the negative effects of obesity.

This has helped them to pay attention to their diets.

They can also lose weight, if they find that their body Mass Index (BMI) has been abnormal.

Dr. Robert F. Kushner advised that obese people have the same opportunity to lose weight as anyone else.

This includes economic, social, and political issues (Watkins, Wolfingsih 2016).

The government also ensured that doctors had ample time to offer guidance to obese people about how to lose weight, and how to improve self-esteem.

Dr. Robert’s recommendation was made on the 16th August 2009.

The federal government announced several initiatives to combat the problem on 17 May 2010.

It joined forces with media figures to create websites that are keeping the public updated.

Regina Benjamin, a surgeon in Baltimore, provided a website to students, doctors, and traders.

Michelle Obama, who was then the first Lady, led the campaign against childhood fat.

You should note that her website attracted parents, students, teachers and staff from schools. Carter was provided appropriate subsidies for healthier foods.

If I had the opportunity to stop this clinical problem, it would be my duty to write an email each governor in every state.

This email will detail the creation of social platforms, where obese people can voice their concerns and help boost their self-esteem. Daniels, 2007.

A second option is to create a facebook or WhatsApp page.

All of this is intended to educate those suffering from obesity by sending videos and journals that show how they have overcome it.

The videos will also demonstrate the necessary exercises to prevent abnormal weight gain.

Thirdly, I would guarantee that people who are obese receive professional counseling.

Today, people who consider themselves obese have faced criticism from others.

Students who are overweight are ridiculed by their classmates at school.

An obese student is psychologically tortured by classmates making fun of them.

Students will feel loved by attending counseling sessions at learning institutions.

I would also search for instructors who will engage obese students through exercises.

It is a particular concern that parents are not advised on the best diet for their children.

Health officials should monitor the eating habits of children and the foods they are given (Sharma & Campbell-Scherer 2017, 2017).

In this context, I recommend that the government pass a bill on foods that can be bought based on one’s weight.

The chances of obesity being reduced will be greatly reduced if the bill is passed. People won’t eat anything more than their bodies require.

The failure of the health system to make the changes mentioned above will result in overweight cases taking longer to be eliminated.

It is clear that citizens have the right of free choice.

It is imperative that obese people consider changing their eating habits due to rising obesity rates.

Obese individuals should get regular exercise. This includes challenging exercises and tasks that would be difficult for someone who is overweight.

This does not mean they cannot walk or use the staircase to access the elevators in a story building.

According to Daniels, 2007, anyone with a clinical problem should be willing to consult a health professional to help them.

The government should, however, have a list of obesity cases and monitor any changes.

To avoid ridiculing people who have clinical problems, it is important that the general population is well-educated.

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