PSYC 212 Lifespan Development


You can try these strategies for 3 consecutive working days.

Reflect on the impact these strategies had on your stress levels.

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PSYC 212 Lifespan Development
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What extent was this assignment able to help you recognize your stress patterns?

Answer to Question: PSYC 212 Lifespan Development

It is true that stress is a factor that can help one’s well-being, particularly when it comes to their health.

After scoring a 36 on the Perceived Stress Scale I realized that I was very unable address a range of pertinent issues.

It became evident to me that the last one month had been a time when I felt out of control and it was becoming difficult to manage important life issues.

I had trouble coping with the many annoying problems that kept popping up in my day. This led to me becoming more stressed.

I discovered that stress made it impossible for me to handle the various tasks I was asked to.

This was very discouraging as I felt like I was powerless when it came to stress. It was a part my life that I had the ability to handle.

I found out that stress can cause me to be extremely anxious. I decided to take drastic steps to alleviate this problem.

This was due in part to my lack confidence with myself, as well as my ability to solve my personal problems.

I felt more powerless to manage the constant irritations that were constantly popping up in life.

I discovered that I am indeed a stressed individual after I took the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Indicator.

I have a score of 471.

I feel that this score shows that I am not in the best of health and should reflect upon my life.

My scores are low in comparison to other people.

This is because I have come to terms with the reality that I am chronically stressed. It is not good for me and my health.

Others were able to score at least a 20/19 on their Perceived Stress Scales. They also scored an average 150 points on the Holes-Rahe Stress Inventory. However, I was able to score an average 471 points.

This particular score appears to increase the odds of scoring at least 80 percent in relation to the above-mentioned inventory.

I have found that my top stressors are: finances, food, sleep, bills, and money. These were not long-term ones.

I found that my stress levels are highest at work due to having to balance work and school.

However, this is something that I can’t control because I need my job as well as classes.

I am often compelled to work and attend classes, which makes it very difficult to get enough rest. It also causes me stress because it makes it hard to concentrate on my studies.

Stress may also be responsible for my irregular eating patterns.

This problem makes me more stressed. I am often hungry, but have no appetite.

This particular vice can be caused stress.

In a larger sense, stress is negatively affecting my health.

Two strategies that I found helpful are taking a walk to clear my head, and keeping to myself.

I am confident that I will be able manage my stress better after I have implemented the coping strategies.

I will continue to employ these strategies in the future. This will allow me to improve my overall health.

Since I became aware of my stress levels, I realized that I need to avoid major stressors so that my stress can be managed effectively.

I also discovered that long walks by myself are a great way to change your lifestyle.

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