PUBHLTH1003 Communication For Health Sciences


Evaluating web-based sources of health information.

Assess the effectiveness of each one of these web-based health information resources.

Answer to Question: PUBHLTH1003 Communication For Health Sciences

Over the past decade, the health care needs have changed drastically. As such, it is crucial for people to be informed about current health issues and to adopt appropriate preventative and health promotion behaviors to meet those changing needs.

In this context, the current state of public awareness regarding health promotional or preventative behaviors or activities is still in an infancy phase.

Many studies have proven that ignorance and misinformation in the general public about health prevention and promotion activities and behaviors is the biggest factor in health risks.

A more detailed explanation is required. There are many communicable or non-communicable disease that can be managed and prevented by following a few easy and simple health promotional and preventative actions (Mayer 2010).

But it should not be forgotten that health literacy levels are not symmetrical. Different socio-economic classes have different health literacy levels.

It is important to mention that many websites provide information on health and have attempted to bridge this gap and improve the knowledge and understanding of every sector of society.

White 2017).

However, communicating information to diverse socio-economic classes can prove difficult.

This assignment will compare the effectiveness of four different websites for health information communication and examine their efficiency.

Website One( 2017)The very first website under review in this assignment is the, and this website delves into the food and diet related health information.

The website campaign was designed to address the urgent health care needs caused by the shocking rise in obesity in all age groups.

Change4life, a website that was part of the NHS Initiative and Food Facts website, had the vision and mission to promote healthy eating habits and longer life expectancy.

The main focus of this web page was on children who are obese or at high risk of obesity ( 2017).

In this context it must be noted that the rising rates of obesity in children and adolescents has been an alarming trend in the UK.

This website serves as the social media marketing tool of the NHS’s Change4Life campaign. It is not intended to be a guide for parents on how to adopt healthy diets and maintain healthy weight for their children (Choices, 2013).

The website contains different sections: recipes, food facts and activities. Each section is focused on healthy eating and obesity prevention.

The food facts section gives the information the family, particularly mothers, needs to know about different food components and their benefits or risks.

A healthy diet can seem difficult. The food fact section on the website will help mothers identify the nutritional value of each food item and then create a nutrition plan.

Also, the complex adverse effects that certain foods can have on the family so that mothers are aware of what they are feeding them.

The next section provides recipes so that mothers or homemakers can create healthy meals and follow healthy eating guidelines.

Another section includes healthy weight, activities, and other useful information. These sections help mothers to monitor their children’s development and growth (Gee 2017).

Given the many parameters of a web-based resource, it is clear that the website design is highly attractive and matches the target audience.

Additionally, the website is well-designed with appealing graphics. Furthermore, the navigation is simple and straightforward.

It is important that a website can reach nearly all socioeconomic sectors. The website must also be easy to operate, which it has.

Its language and use animated or funny images helped to attract more than 1 million mothers (Evans Colls & Hoerschelmann 2011).

Summarising, it is worth mentioning that 30% of all children are at severe risk of becoming overweight. This website had been successful in not just providing information but has been also effective in changing the outlook of the mothers towards health and healthy eating ( 2017).

Website two( 2017)The next website under review is, which focuses on providing support and information on a grave societal issue, substance abuse and addiction ( 2017).

The problem of substance abuse has been a significant concern for more than half of all adults in the world. And the alarming number of adolescents suffering from addiction to substances is even higher.

A survey that looked at drug abuse and addiction revealed that 22 million teenagers and young adults were suffering from the consequences of drug addiction.

This context must also be understood that the rising risk factors and increased number of young people suffering from substance abuse and addiction is largely due the lack of information and support for these youth.

This website was designed as a digital marketing and communication tool to promote the talk to frank campaign. 2017).

The website’s main display features are stark and the only colors used in the background are black and white. This creates a stark image and compliments the seriousness of the problem.

Website target audience is young adults and adolescents who struggle with drug addiction. However, they also target survivors and victims of drug addiction from all age groups.

You will find many sections on this website and plenty of information about different drug abuse.

The website has information on all kinds of drugs, as well as how they might harm people.

You can also find different sections within the website that will direct you to different types of help depending upon whether you are looking for help for yourself or a friend.

The website’s navigation is simple and easy to use. It also mentions that there are several options for helping addicts.

There are seven sections where you can get help from talk to frank. They will direct you to the appropriate place based on your needs.

Additional helpline hotlines can be accessed for victims to provide instant support to those suffering from drug addiction ( 2017).

Given the website’s popularity, it should be mentioned that it began to rise in popularity in 2010. The campaign has continued to reach close to 90% youth attention over the years regarding addiction and how it can be overcome.

The website is reliable at more than 80 percent. Additionally, a huge number of young adults trust Frank over all other drug-related issues.

The success of talktofrank is evident by the fact that the number receives over 3.5 million calls and 35,000,000 website visits.

It is clear that talktofrank has an important social responsibility. They have tried to reach out to the youth who are addicted to drugs and changed their minds about it.

Website Three( 2017)The next website under evaluative review in this assignment is the, the website serves a very unique albeit a very essential responsibility towards the society providing a free contraception to anyone who might need it ( 2017).

In this context it must be recognized that family planning and population management are of extreme importance. It is essential for young people to understand the significance of contraception techniques and how they can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

There are many sexually transmitted infections that have caused a variety of health problems and led to significant life losses.

The most prominent example of this phenomenon being HIV infection, according to statistics, nearly 40 million people are living with HIV in 2016.

Not only that, but it is also important to note that nearly 5000 people acquire HIV infections each day. In addition, an alarming number of 1.2 million HIV-infected teens are 15 years old or younger, which shows the seriousness and urgency of the situation.

It should be noted that safe or protected sexual activity has spread to different sections of society in this day and age.

But, we must remember that many in this society cannot afford the most basic of protections. has been the most notable platform to address the grave issue of condoms. 2017).

This website provides a confidential, free service to provide condoms for residents throughout Kent & Medway. The residents can simply contact to request the most appropriate scheme and receive free protection services from the METRO sexual health department (Mayer 2010).

The website’s design and navigation is extremely simple.

Although there are several sections on the website that can provide information about health, one section that is most noteworthy is the safe-intercourse education section. Here visitors will find a compilation of all the necessary information to have a better understanding of safe intercourse.

This website is intended for youth, so it provides links to youth support services such Frank, child line, young mind, and many more.

As a final note, it is worth mentioning that this website took a very special and important responsibility to educate the youth about safe intercourse, protection and to change attitudes. 2017).

Website Four( 2017)The next website under review for this assignment is the, which also addresses a very serious responsibility for the society, to address the issue of suicide. This website does not just provide information, but it has taken the responsibility to provide the support that a depressed suicidal individual needs the most, someone to hear them out ( 2017).

This website was established in 2017.

The website offers 24/7 emotional support for suicidal and mentally ill people. Additionally, it provides on-site assistance to at risk groups or communities.

The website’s design is very simple and it is easy for anyone to navigate.

There are several sections that provide support for the depressed youth, or any age group. A how can I assist you section directs the visitor directly to the help needed in seconds (Samaritans 2017).

The effectiveness of this web-based resource cannot be underestimated. It should also be noted that it is not just for youth.

It can be said that this website is the only one that provides a web-based resource to help people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

The website features a diverse group of volunteers, who offer emotional assistance to the mentally sick and help to lower the suicide rate.

The website’s success is evident. According to data from the past year, gets a call asking for help every 6 second and can stop three lives from being lost in a matter a minute (Howard, 2017).

These data points speak volumes about the site’s immense popularity and its extreme success.

This website was established with the purpose of stopping suicide by offering any support the user might need to continue their lives.

The website provides support and information, but not enough to change society’s perception of suicide ( 2017).Conclusion:

As a final note, it is important to mention that the web-based information serves the purpose in making the public aware about different health behaviors, preventative measures, and stigmatization.

These web-based tools were all efficient and well-designed. They also had a wide audience, which is a credit to their effectiveness.

It should be noted that these web-based resources, along with providing information on health topics, tried to change attitudes about most public health priorities.

We can only hope that these web-based health resources will help eliminate the difficulties of health literacy across all socioeconomic levels and age groups in the future.References:

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